“Don’t Get Attached.”

Hey Guys,

“Don’t get attached.” 

At one point or another I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again. Regardless of what subject it is relating to, at some point in your life you have been told that either by a friend or family member or even a stranger. And I’m here to always give my honest opinion, so here it goes.

It is a bunch of garbage. It’s something people say when they don’t know what other advice to give you.

We are humans, we like, we dislike, we love, we hate. There are few things in life that we are completely indifferent to, that you will have no feelings about it. You will always have a feeling towards something, whether good or bad. So to say to someone “don’t get attached” is to basically say “don’t have feelings about this.”

The times I hear this the most is in relation to boys. I see a boy I like, automatically I hear: “Don’t get attached, you don’t know him that well, you could get hurt.” Well here’s a newsflash about myself, I always think with my heart and not my brain. I do what feels right, not necessarily what may be the easiest or smartest decision. Therefore especially when it comes to boys I often think with my heart. And to be honest, I like that about myself. I like the way it makes me feel, and I think it makes me unique. Does that mean that I get hurt sometimes? Yes. But do I grow from it? Yes. And why would you do something if your heart wasn’t in it? Recently I have been going on dates with a boy. (ooooooo)  As time goes on and I get to know him, feelings start to develop. And as time goes on and we keep talking and keeping getting to know each other, I keep seeing things I like and don’t like. But as I start doing that, I get people telling me: “Don’t get attached.” Umm, so you want me to have no feelings towards this potential boyfriend? So why go on dates if you are not going to develop feelings? It just doesn’t make sense.

So yes, I am going to get attached. I am the kind of person that gets attached to a cute puppy I see across the street, because it’s adorable and I want it. Also I know what I want, and when that happens I put my heart into it to get it. So I will keeping getting attached, and I will keep getting hurt. But at least I know, I’m putting everything I have into it and will never wonder “what if I had put more into it?”

Truth is, I know everyone who does this just wants me not to get hurt and not to be upset when it doesn’t work out. But life is a roller coaster. And a roller coaster isn’t fun if it doesn’t have ups, downs, loops, upside downs and flat points. Because if we didn’t have the hurts and the downs, we wouldn’t appreciate the highs as much as we. So as much as it sucks to be hurt and upset, I’m okay with it because I know that that just means I’m one down closer to the final stop, prince charming.

Now, that is not to say things are going sour with the new boy. In fact, they are going really well. So I’m happy. But the next person who tells me “Don’t Get attached” I might have to lecture them. 

Remember, it’s okay to get attached. It’s human. And honestly, I encourage it.

Much love always!



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