One More Try

Hello Again,

So as I was driving home yesterday, when something occurred to me: an analogy for my love life. Actually, an analogy for love lives in general. Often times you watch a movie, and a writer is constantly struggling to come up with the perfect story. As he begins writing his story, he suddenly realizes it’s not as good as he wants it to be. So, he crumples up the paper and throws it away. You usually never see him just scratch it out and rewrite a piece of it that he thinks could be better. He often starts fresh, on a clean slate. But the ideas from the previous papers are still on his mind. He is constantly searching to make it better, to make it perfect. Because as a writer he won’t take pride in anything less than his best effort.

What if our love life is exactly that? Whoever is writing our story, whether that is you, God, or something else, they won’t accept anything less than perfect. So they begin writing your story with someone, and then they realize the story shouldn’t be like this so they suddenly and abruptly end it and start again. And it might have been a great start to a beautiful story, but it’s not the perfect story. So we restart that love story over and over again.  Sometimes that beginning gets the end of the chapter, and sometimes it’s almost like the carpet gets pulled from under you, ending mid-sentence leaving wondering where that was going. But it’s okay, because that means the perfect story is being created and maybe in a few more tries we’ll get it right. Every new relationship is that clean piece of paper, and you never know if it’s going to be the right one until you begin writing it. After writing several tries, the beginning to the perfect story will feel so rewarding. Because all those re-writes taught you what not to write and how hard it was to get to the story you wanted to tell. All the struggles and pain you went through to pick yourself back up and try writing a new story, will be worth it in the end.

So if you are feeling discouraged in the love department, because it seems like nothing ever works out, don’t worry. You’re perfect story might just be taking a while for the author to cook it up. You deserve nothing less than the perfect story.

Much love always.



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