It’s Never Too Late…


This week has been quite interesting to say the least. On Monday, when I was beyond exhausted after a long weekend in Chicago for a bridal shower, I sat and talked with my parents. I began Facebook searching people from my childhood. I had quite a few of the people I went to elementary school with already on Facebook. But much like a lot of people, I wasn’t keeping up to date with any of them really. And I began looking at where they were in life and what was their current situation. I found some to be in different parts of the world, some were married, and some looked exactly like how I remembered them as kids. But my brain didn’t want to stop there. The next day I began researching some more of them and even sent chats to a few. What really got going was posting a status about it and tagging everyone. Some liked the status and others responded. It didn’t really hit me until I found the profile of a girl I used to be best friends with. Her profile picture was her in her wedding dress, and she looked amazing. I immediately felt so absolutely happy for her, but I also felt something else. I felt like I missed out on the lives of people I knew from the ages of 3 to 12.  People I considered dear dear friends. She was such a good friend and because we lost touch we grew apart and of course I missed out on such an important time in her life. But this is not about attending a wedding or not. It’s about wanting to still be a part of people’s lives. But with time and moving around you lose touch with people. Also when I moved away, we exchanged e-mails and who still has the same e-mails or AIM chat names 10 years later? No one. 

So with all of this I embarked on a new journey. It is 11 years later, and it’s not too late to reconnect with these people. I decided I would do everything I could to get back in touch with as many of these as I can. Even if we didn’t get along as children, we’ve all grown and changed. I created a Facebook group to give us all a chance to stay in touch. I sent chats to the girls I used to be besties with. Those who want to give reconnecting and being friends again a chance, will respond. And those who don’t well that’s too bad, because I feel renewed and wish nothing but the best for every single one of them.

Also now I’m so excited because there is a reunion scheduled for next year with the school I used to go to. And on top of it some of us want to have a separate reunion just for our class. It’s so exciting to me, because I had one thought remembering these people now I have a chance to regain all these friends who knew me growing up. Also my feelings toward this reunion are entirely different than the feelings I have toward my high school reunion. This one, I am excited to get to know everyone over again and in a way they knew the real me. When you’re a kid you are exactly you, you don’t try to do things to impress people or pretend to be something you’re not. So in a way even though they haven’t known me for 10 years, they know the real me. As opposed to my high school reunion, where I feel, for some reason, I need to be better off. It’s almost like a competitive vibe and like I have to show them that I am successful and that I am competing with them. Which is a ridiculous feeling I’m aware.

Either way, I am so excited for these new things in my life. Also, some feelings that come attached may shock you. So take a chance and reach out to people you maybe don’t talk to anymore but wish you did. It is never to late to bring back people into your life.

Hope you all have a happy happy Thursday!

Much love today and always!



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