When Life Gives You Signs

Hey Guys,

So for the past few weeks, I have been begging life for any sign of what direction I should take. And up until today I had not seen anything promising. Nothing that could give me any answer of what I should do. And then today something amazing happened. I believe I got a sign.

My best friend from high school texted me. Before I say anything else, let me preempt by saying the first three things we bonded about when we met was: Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney and England. We went to a Jonas Brothers concert together, which was my first concert ever. We talked for hours about Jesse McCartney. And now I can finally say we are willing to share an experience of a lifetime together regarding the third thing that bonded us together from the minute we met.

About 3 hours ago she sent me a text, where my jaw literally dropped. This is how the conversation went:

Her: “Do you have any plans for January?”
Me: “Um none that I’m aware of. Why?”Her: “Wanna go live in London with me for 2 months?”
*Jaw drops to the floor.*

It has been my dream to go to London, since I can remember. I have dreamed about visiting, but never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to go live there. Even if it is for 2 months. That would be such an incredible experience. And who better to share it with than someone who has the same appreciation as me for all these things.

I’ve always envied people who are not afraid to just take a leap of faith. I have done it a few times in my life, but I’ve always had some sort of safety net. This time it would be simply jumping. No safety net, no security, nothing. But that’s what makes it exciting. The fact that I have no idea what could happen.

As soon as my friend suggested it to me, I immediately went into “responsible Vicky mode.” Which means, I have no idea where I’m going to be? How will my parents ever be okay with this? How am I going to sustain myself? Will I even be able to get a visa? What if I have a job and I can’t take time off? Should I even get this excited, if there is a chance this wont be able to happen?

And so I immediately turned to someone who has recently become a life coach/guru of sorts, my cousin. She is the type of person who takes chances and takes leaps of faith. And more than that, she’s been my cheerleader in whatever it is I decide to do. So, of course, I turn to her for advice on what I should even do. Thankfully, her response was simply: GO! She pointed out the fact that I have no real obligation right now and that now is the time for me to take opportunities like this. Something I’ve always said to my parents to support any decision I try to make. But more importantly, she pointed out how I’d been asking for a sign. And this was my sign. “You never know what could happen. You could end up getting a job there and living there permanently.” OMG how amazing would that be!

I then proceeded to talk to my co-worker bestie here. She also said “I think you should do it.”

So taking in what everyone around me is telling me, and what my heart is screaming: YES, I’M GOING TO DO IT.

Even if my parents are unhappy about it. Even if it means for the next 7 months I will have no life to save up for this. Even if it means that at the end of 2 months I come home jobless. I WILL DO IT. Because an experience like this, with your best friend is not something you can easily pass up. Not when it makes you so happy just thinking about it. Not when everyone around you is saying YES!

And the best part is: I plan on vlogging the whole thing! And it will be the best experience of my life.

I’m ready to strap in, and take that plunge! And I am so excited!

Let’s take on this adventure.

Much love always,


2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Signs

  1. Life is about taking leaps and chances. How do you grow and learn about who you are and what you are made of if you don’t take risks? Follow your heart! If it’s mean to be, than all signs will lead you to it. It’s your life and you only got one. Go for it! 🙂

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