Expressions are everything in Dance


So often times when people talk about a great dancer they will say things like “you dance from your soul” or “all your lines were perfect.” And all those things are very important when you dance. But there is one thing that very often gets overlooked, facial expressions. Now, I am by no means a dance expert (regardless of how many hours I watch SYTYCD, DWTS or youtube videos) but I can offer an honest spectator opinion. When I watch someone dancing, I go on the journey with them and feel what they express. Therefore, if its a sad dance I feel sad or if its a celebratory dance I feel enthusiastic. But if you watch a dance performance, watch the dancers face. A good dancer will wear their emotion on their face.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a post that was floating all over Facebook. I watched it once, then I immediately watched it again. I went on to watch the video another 3 times. It’s a whole crew dancing to several different songs.The dancing throughout the entire video is just absolutely perfect. All the dancers are perfectly synced, which is incredible difficult when you have about 10-15 dancers. Then I realized one of the songs they danced to, is a song I really really like. So I watched that clip another few times. The clip is from 2:45 to 3:35. All in all I have watched this one specific minute over 20 times. The thing about this specific dance is the main dancer. He dances to the violin version of Drake’s Hold On, I’m Coming Home. Which in itself is just beautiful. But what got to me was throughout his dance, his facial expressions basically made him irresistable. This song is a love song, and he treated the dance as a love song. In the song Drake is longing for someone he loves, and the dancer treats the spectator as exactly that. My two favorite bits are actually the simplest dance moves. At 3:12 his hands and in the air, he has an adorable smile on his face while he lowers his head and gently moves side to side. It’s almost like he is taking in the music and just enjoying it. Similar to what you would see someone do in the moment at a party with the girl you like. Then he pulls some incredibly amazing dance moves. At 3:24, he has his hand on his head and slowly raises his arm to point at “you.” But more than that he bites his lip as if to say “you are so incredibly sexy and I can’t believe you’re all mine. I’m so damn lucky.” And then some more awesome moves and the dance is over. In my opinion this dance is way too short. But in the one minute that boy danced, he went from not even close to my type to being so irresistible in my eyes. And honestly, he steals the show for me. I have to make an effort to see the other dancers because I can’t stop watching him.

From the Front Row:

From a different angle.


I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂 Let me know what you think.

Much Love always!



PS- Here’s another one of my all time favorite performances:


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