World Cup Jerseys Ranking (in my opinion)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the World Cup starts tomorrow. As a Brazilian I am ecstatic!!! My home country hosting my favorite global event! Even though there is so much controversy associated with it, I want to focus on the excitement and happiness associated with it. (I am slightly sad I can’t be there to watch in person.) So today an article (Click here) on Facebook caught my eye regarding the World Cup. This guy wrote an article ranking the different country jerseys. I obviously disagreed with quite a few so I thought I would make my own rankings. ENJOY!! 🙂



Okay so this is the ONLY one I’ll be completely biased about. But let’s be honest, they’re beautiful. The home jerseys are our classic staple yellow and green but done so beautifully and elegant. And the away ones are gorgeous. The dark blue done with tiny dots, gives it an awesome illusion. Like I’m indecisive about which one to buy. I like them both so much. Plus we’re the hosts, so let it be number 1!

2. France


So even though they are one of our rivals, there is no denying these jerseys are clean and beautiful. The French aren’t ones for crazy over done things and I think this captures them perfectly. And once you see them in the field, you will be able to recognize it immediately. The subtle stripes are very elegant.

3. Ghana


I actually really like this set of jerseys. They kept ties to their traditional African roots with splashes of brightly colored patters. But its done in a very tasteful way. The home one is classic with hints of fun. The away one, even though it has a pattern throughout the whole shirt it’s done a very subtle way. Good job Puma.

4. Holland


The oranges! One thing is for sure, only the Dutch can pull off orange jerseys. I like that it’s a plain orange, or else it can get really bad really fast. The away one has a great pattern and gives a normal blue shirt a pop.



It is quite an eye full, but its memorable. As soon as you say “oh the team with the red and white checkers shirt,” you immediately know they’re talking about Croatia. They used a bold pattern and made it in a great way.

6. Portugal


Even though I’d still like to a see a bit more of a hint of green on their home jersey, their jerseys are still pretty sweet. I really like the pattern on the home jersey.

7. Korea


Clean, simple and incorporates all the flag colors in both jerseys.

8. Australia


Even though their home jersey resembles my home country, you can’t deny that they are good looking jerseys. Personally I prefer the away jersey. (So that Brazil could be the only yellow gold shirt. )

9. Greece


Nothing special but the collars add a bit of elegance to these otherwise plain jerseys. Still they look good.

10. England


Can you tell I have a preference of simple versus busy shirts. But I actually really like the collar on the home jersey.

11. Switzerland


Again clean and subtle. I actually really like the red cross in the middle of the home jersey. And I am most definitely not opposed to the skin tight shirts. 😉

12. Ivory Coast


I agree more could’ve been done. But with these colors, it’s hard to keep a balance of good and too much. I do like the pattern on the shoulders and in the underarms.

13. Ecuador


Looks like a good old traditional soccer jersey. You can never go wrong with a traditional look. And I rather like the small elements this jersey sports.



I know some people might actually not like the crown on the bottom of the jersey but I actually kind of like it. It makes the red jersey stand out. If there was one thing I would change it would be logo placement. Other than that I rather like the jerseys.

15. US


It took me a while to place this jersey mostly because I’m not a fan of the away jersey. The home jersey is very similar to the old ones which work. I can’t explain why I don’t like the away much because it’s just block colors but I just don’t. Other than that they’re relatively good jerseys.

16. Argentina


As much as it pains me to put Argentina rather well qualified, they’re traditional light blue and white stripes are a staple. They have been revamped with the hint of gold, and sadly they look good. (okay maybe this one is biased too…) But I’m not sure how i feel about the multi tone blue stripes. I guess they look good?

17. Uruguay


Yay more tight shirts! This one is simply placed lower, because of the v-neck on the away one and the weird cut on the neckline of the home one (it almost looks medieval). Other than that they look good!

18. Chile


They would definitely have been ranked higher up if not for the extra red line on top of the away jersey. It looks like a tank top under a shirt. Other than that the home jersey is what I remember the classic Chilean jerseys to look like.

19. Bosnia and Herzegovina


They look like traditional ordinary soccer jerseys. So even though they don’t stand out much, they don’t look bad.

20. Costa Rica


Not crazy about the design in the middle but I don’t hate it.

21. Nigeria


Don’t love it, don’t hate it. They look like traditional jerseys.

22. Algeria


Really not a fan of a logo on each chest. I think one logo and the puma logo would have been enough. And it is lacking some design to it. It looks like a plain Under Armor shirt. I would have actually made the away shirt the home shirt.

**The next few ones were a struggle because they have good home jerseys but horrible away jerseys.**

23. Mexico


Great home jersey, but what is happening with that away one? I actually would’ve made the black dark green? Maybe it would’ve looked better? I guess all i can say is ??



The home jersey is the same one we saw last world cup. It’s the Germany jersey we know and love to hate. 🙂 Take it as a compliment Germans. But the away jersey is just confusing. I don’t get it and I don’t like.



Spain why, oh, why? Must you do this to me? Spain is usually the 3rd team I root for (after Brazil and Portugal). The first Jersey is beautiful. I love the gold accents. But the away one is just a big no, no. It looks like a practice jersey or what goalies wear (which never match the team). You are the reigning champs, you could have done so much better!

26. Russia


For this one I’ll use the line of the original article: “The home kit features an elegant design that ultimately looks good. Unfortunately for Russia, the pair is let down by the away kit. The white shirt features a blue arc at the top of the chest that is a reference to the curvature of the Earth as seen by Yuri Gagarin in space. But this is the World Cup, and after a few beers you’re not thinking about space. You’re thinking it looks like some drunk tie-dye that you attempted in your backyard.” (Original Here)

27. Italy


All I can say is this: It’s supposed to be a soccer jersey not a baseball one!

28. Japan


The home jersey is actually pretty cool with the rays. But the away is just awful. NEON SHOULD NEVER BE PART OF THE WORLD CUP! Enough said.

29. Colombia


Sorry Colombians but this jersey just doesn’t do it for me. It looks like a generic soccer jersey and not even a good one at that.

30. Honduras


This is the big leagues, and that is not up to par. The home jersey honestly looks like a school uniform. Maybe something you’d be required to wear to gym class. There is soooo much you can do with white and blue. 

31. Cameroon


I give an A+ for effort. But the truth is this jersey looks way too busy and distracting. Maybe if the contrast was more like the yellow one, I wouldn’t dislike it as much.

32. Iran


Again I give an A+ for effort but this was a fail for me. And I’ll tell you why. You see that not so subtle cheetah, yeah I have that same design on a dress of mine. Take that in. That design is on my dress. That should tell you that it probably shouldn’t be on a World Cup soccer jersey. I get they wanted to do something different and cool. This was not the way to go.

I hope you enjoyed my expert fashion opinion (NOT). Either way, let’s all just get super pumped that the World Cup starts tomorrow! 🙂

Let me know what you think! If you agree or disagree with my jersey ranking!

Much love always!


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