I figured it out. I figured out why women are always so worried about ending up alone. Why women rush to get into relationships young. Why women want to get married young. I have found the answer!

The older I get, the more I tell myself I’ll find someone, while an uneasy feeling starts developing in the pit of my stomach. There’s a slight sense of insecurity developing that I might not actually end up finding anyone to be with. Which most people would tell me I’m insane because there are SO many guys in the world, there’s bound to be one out there for me, right?

Well, here’s what I’ve noticed. At work, I am the person who mostly deals with the guests that arrive. Therefore, I am the first to notice if they are attractive or not. This week alone, two guests that I have found attractive have come in through the door. And they were maybe a few years older than me (ideal age for mature serious relationships). And they were either engaged to be married or with someone.

Seeing that less and less of the guys you find attractive are actually available is in fact the reason you become paranoid you will be alone forever. That’s the magic answer. Girls want to get married younger, so they can secure the guy they actually want. They want to make sure they select the best pick, and once they start doing that the selection becomes slimmer and slimmer. And sure these are only 2 guys, but also a lot of my friends have now been in long term relationships. Some friends have already gotten married. And I’m reaching that age, where girls begin freaking out.

If any guy reads this, let me put it into perspective for you. Gym class. We’re playing dodgeball. The two captains are picking all your other classmates and slowly the pool of kids starts getting smaller and smaller. You look around to see you are one of the few still standing there alone. You are not part of a group, part of a team, you are on your own. You think, no one will pick you. You start to feel rejected, sad and alone. That’s how it feels for the rest of us.

Could this be an over exaggeration? Sure. Are there still thousands of single men out there? Yes. Are any of them my type or would fit well with me? I have no idea. And honestly the thing that keeps me going is the fact that I’m a big believer in fate and that things will happen when they’re meant to.

But yeah, guys next time you start to make fun of your friends that are girls who are freaking out about being alone, just know it’s because we feel exactly like I described above.

Just thought I’d share what pops into this crazy mind of mine. Hope you enjoyed!

Much love always.



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