Those Perfect Blues

The sunlight hits your eyes and you turn to face away from the window. As you do,  you open your eyes just enough to catch sight of a perfect view. A view you’ve always dreamed of. The soft lines of his face lay relaxed as he takes in deep breaths in his sleep. The blanket positioned in the middle of his perfectly toned back, leaving his shoulders bare. His irresistible figure teasing you. His hair messy from tossing and turning through the night. You lay there admiring the boy you love. You enjoy taking moments like this to just appreciate how lucky you really are. To you he looks like the perfect angel that was placed on Earth just for you. The love and happiness he makes you feel is more than you ever imagined possible. You reach out, grab the covers and pull it over his shoulders tucking him into the warmth of the little world your bodies created. You then gently caress his hair, partially to make sure you’re not dreaming and partially because it was one of your favorite things to do. The softness and thickness of his hair prove that this is as real as the air you’re breathing. A hand gently snakes around your waist and pulls you closer. He opens his eyes slightly to look at you. His eyes are bluer than the sky and shine brighter than an ocean on a beautiful summer day. You get lost and mesmerized looking into those beautiful blues. He places a kiss on your cheek. You lay there in your beautiful home that was all yours with a boy that loves you more than life itself. Everything is perfect. You close your eyes to take in the moment. When you open them, you’re in a dark room. The boy that was laying across from  you is standing in front of you talking to you. You just saw the most perfect life with the most perfect boy you could ever imagine. And you know right then and there that you would make this dream become a reality no matter what it took.

*Play this song after reading:*

Written by yours truly. much love always.


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