SPECIAL FRIDAY: The Evolution of One Direction

It’s no secret¬†One Direction has taken over the world and wormed their ways into millions of hearts all over. With the release of their newest music video today, I felt a sense of longing. I’m about to fully disclose how true of a Directioner I am. I first heard them my Senior Year of college […]

Dream Home

Growing up many girls dream of two things: their perfect wedding and their perfect house. Today I will be talking about the latter and hopefully giving you a visualization of my dream house. On the outside I like the look of big stones, and a dark door. Almost looking like a castle. On the inside, […]

One Can Only Dream…

So sometimes our dreams take twists and turns that feel so real, that even after being awake for several hours you still remember them as if it actually happen. Today I’d like to tell you all about my dream from last night. Much of the beginning of the dream is a haze. What I do […]

What Has Society Come To

More often than not I find myself yelling at my sister to put her phone down and talk to me. Or looking disapprovingly to my friends who are on their phones instead of watching the movie playing in front of us. And more than anything judging strangers who are sitting at the dinner table looking […]