Brits vs Americans

Good Morning Everyone,

So let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects today…BOYS! More specifically, I want to explain to people why British boys make girls weak at the knees and what makes us go crazy for them. Now I am basing my comparisons not only based on the American boys I personally know but also American Youtubers and Celebs to British boys I’ve met and Youtubers and Celebs. This post by no means applies to all boys and it is simply my opinion, not a worldwide accepted truth. I can classify my preference in British men in three categories: Manners/Charm, Look, and Accent. Allow me to explain.


While there are plenty of American boys with good manners, most tend to either be rude or neither rude nor polite but something in the middle. However, and I’m not sure why, British boys tend to be so well mannered. Not saying they are all super proper and perfect but more likely than not they say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me.” Plus let’s be honest, even their swear words sound better than ours. The Brits that tend to be more proper usually are the posh ones from London.


There is no denying that in general the Brits have a natural beauty to them. And once their sweet accents reach your ears, your eyes immediately adjust to a a level or two more of hotness. But this category is mostly centered around Fashion. You heard me, Fashion! There is a MAJOR difference between American boys and Brit boys. Brit boys know how to dress themselves. American boys yes you can get dressed up for an event or something but on a day to day basis, a t-shirt and jeans is good enough. And while a Brit boy can wear the exact same outfit, his choice in t-shirts are a bit better, better fitting jeans, and perfect. From an everyday look to a special event, the Brits know a man should look. To me how a man dresses can say a lot about himself. They care about physical appearance but it isn’t everything they think about night and day. While I feel American boys that tend to dress well, more often than not are extremely conceded. ( I know this one from personal experience.) Fit Americans care about every calorie intake and check themselves out in every mirror. (Sure, there is a little exaggeration here but you get what I mean.) Fit Brit boys know how to eat and work out and dress well without that being all their focus. They understand the balance.

Americans:                                                                                   Brits:


Even Google agrees. Same outfits, styled completely different and look so much better. Also, I’d just like to add as I googled ‘typical british boy fashion’ and I got countless pictures of One Direction. (Just pointing it out.) If you want more Street Style outfits on British Boy check out the whole list at Details.


This one is a given. Every girl and guy knows that as soon as you hear the hint of a Brit accent, knees automatically get weaker and we feel like melting into the ground.

Anyways that’s what goes on in this twisted mind of mine. Like I said this is my opinion and by no means the only right one. Let me know what you think.

Much Love Always



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