One Can Only Dream…

So sometimes our dreams take twists and turns that feel so real, that even after being awake for several hours you still remember them as if it actually happen. Today I’d like to tell you all about my dream from last night.

Much of the beginning of the dream is a haze. What I do remember is being in a mall and seeing Jack Harries from afar. Except of course i had my hair in a bun, was in a bathrobe and slippers. Needless to say I was not in a condition to be in public much less to meet Jack Harries. All of a sudden I get a text to my phone that Jack had just tweeted. He had played a prank posting a picture of a girl that looked like him as a “selfie.” I laughed and kept walking. Somehow walking out past the doors, transformed me. I was decently dressed to be in public now. I keep walking and suddenly I see Prince William (yes the actual Prince Will of England). He seemed super nervous for something and surprisingly I was able to stop close to him, and I said “Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and everything will be fine.” I have no idea what he was even getting ready for but he smiled and thanked me for the encouragement. I was now in a parking lot and I kept walking. Suddenly I see a small group of people with a camera facing a bus. Inside there he was again, Prince William. Except he was on the phone and yelling and hitting the poles of the bus. No idea what was happening so I stayed and watched. Somehow I was standing next to the bus door and when it suddenly opened and he ran out towards me, it scared me so I screamed. He went behind another bus while the whole crew around and myself started laughing. They explained to me how he was playing a practical joke on someone. (I know the dreams is full of pranks and weird things) So i begin walking behind the bus and he’s there crouched down, so I take a seat with him. He apologizes for scaring me and begins talking to me as if we were old friends. He thanks for me for all the kind words and that he was thankful I had been there helping him through it all. And then somehow my parents show up and I’m giving them looks like ‘DO YOU SEE WHO I’M TALKING TO!!!’ But my mom gives me a look of like ‘really? him? he’s not attractive at all.” And I’m like “Mom, Dad, meet Prince William. THE PRINCE WILLIAM.” And finally they’re both like “OH!” So then after making a fool of themselves they disappear. So I keep talking to Will and I’m like ” I’d just like to say, with all due respect, Kate is just absolutely beautiful. Like stunning.” And he’s like “She is isn’t she?” And I’m like “YES! Flawless. And her fashion sense is just perfect.” And he’s like “She really is beautiful.” And I’m like “And honestly she looks like she is just so kind.” And he’s like “She is a absolutely lovely. Kindest woman I know.” And basically we were gushing over how perfect Kate is. And then as I asked him for a picture, and he agreed, I woke up. Saddest waking up I’ve had in a while.

Hope you all enjoyed my crazy dream. Feel free to share some of yours.

Much Love Always,



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