Dream Home

Growing up many girls dream of two things: their perfect wedding and their perfect house. Today I will be talking about the latter and hopefully giving you a visualization of my dream house.

On the outside I like the look of big stones, and a dark door. Almost looking like a castle. On the inside, as soon as you walk in there is a foyer with something hanging on the wall for keys and mail. Under that would be a small bench to take shoes off and put them on with little baskets to keep shoes. Behind the door would be a closet for the coats.

To the right would be the living room. I love when a living room is open til the ceiling, meaning there is no room above the living room. A big beautiful chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The living room would have neutral colors with throw pillows and blankets that would change colors whenever I felt like the room needed a new look. The TV lies above a fire place and there is plenty of seating.

Across the foyer to the left of the front door lies closed wooden sliding doors. In most movies, TV shows and real life situations an office or a library tends to be the men’s escape room. But in my house it is a place where we can all go. The color scheme for this room is dark brown wood, light blue and beige. As soon as you walked in you would be met with a beautiful room. Straight ahead are decorative book shelves holding some of the favorite books at the moment. To one side you would see a bay window with pillows and a blanket. Next to that a light blue old fashioned desk sits with a beige leather chair. The desk is filled with my notebooks for all the different projects I am involved in. On the other side of the room you would find my husband desk with all of his important documents. Next to his desk is a  small stair case that leads to a balcony. Again this room is taller than most to add to the grandeur of the library. In this balcony you can find bookshelves lined with books and other shelves full of movies. On the balcony there are also pillows on the floor that would allow our kids to enjoy a good book. This space would allow the kids to build a puzzle, or read, or draw, or write or even just listen to music. This room has a place for every family member and tends to their specific needs.


(Just an example of the desk and chair I would have.)

Behind the living room you’d find a beautiful dinning room. A gentle mint color on the walls, with whites and blacks would make this room a very elegant room. A black wood table would take center stage with a glass vase holding orchids in the middle of it. To the side would have a small glass cupboard that could also serve as a small buffet area. This would be perfect for throwing dinner parties.

Next to the dinning room you would find the kitchen.The kitchen would be big with an island and stools on one side of that island. I like the idea of having people keeping each other company while just sitting down. The appliances are all stainless steel. The color scheme I’d like is warm colors, so maybe along a warm yellow or orange. There would always be a bouquet of sunflowers to bring the room a warmth and friendliness. Kitchens are places that bring me a lot of joy. I would like as much counter space as possible with the idea of being able to have people be in there and talk to me as I cook.

Outside the dining room you’d find the backyard. A deck with seats that would allow for night time parties or weekend barbecues would be a classy comfy location. To one side you’d find a great pool with lots of swimming space. The pool would have a rock waterfall to add a realistic look. To the other side you’d find a rock fireplace, that would be perfect for late night talks with friends or a family marshmallow nights.  In the backyard there would be enough room for the kids and dogs to run around. And lastly there would be a small little area for a homey garden. I would be able to grow veggies, and spices (Basil, green onions, etc).

On the second floor you’d find a master bedroom that would be decorated with blues and greens. The master bathroom would include two sinks and two mirrors and a large shower. And for those stressful days a Jacuzzi is the perfect getaway from the kids. I would definitely like to keep the bed I have now, because it is the most perfect bed I have ever laid on.

The number of kid rooms depend on the number of kids. As babies their nursery would break from stereotypes. When I was born my mom, thankfully, dressed me in  yellows, greens and blues and not in pinks like tradition. She didn’t want me to fall for the stereotype of girls wear pink and that certainly influenced me to love all colors and have blue as my favorite color for most of my life. As they grow up I would allow them to exercise their creative abilities within the room design. If my son likes dinosaurs, Dinosaurs will be a big part of the room. If my daughter loves pirate ships, then that would be a part of the room decor. I’d like to think, I’d given them the freedom to design their room to express who they are. We would probably have to change it every 5 years as they grow up and enter different phases, but I think it would be fun.

By no means this is exactly how I would like my house, because my mind changes. So for now, this is what I would realistically love to do. As you can tell, it’s nothing incredibly expensive and out there. I’m not asking for a mansion with 20 rooms, because realistically I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much space. But I think it’s a nice idea of how my home would be encouraging to physical activity as well as exercising the mind. Just writing this out gave me such joy and brought a smile to my face. I just imagined how homey my dream home is.

Hope you enjoyed!

Much love always,



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