SPECIAL FRIDAY: The Evolution of One Direction

It’s no secret One Direction has taken over the world and wormed their ways into millions of hearts all over. With the release of their newest music video today, I felt a sense of longing. I’m about to fully disclose how true of a Directioner I am. I first heard them my Senior Year of college in my dorm room late at night. I was browsing the Youtube, as one does, and happened to stumble upon a video of a group of guys in fall attire singing. Once I learned they were Brits I was hooked. The more I dug the more I fell for them. Their goofy loveable personalities were just the right amount. That night I went on to watch every single performance from them on X-Factor. A few weeks later, I drove 6 hours to Detroit and 6 hours back to see them in concert. I own every album, every DVD, and have gone to at least one concert every tour. That basically sums up my dedication to them. I am NOT the type of Directioner that would do disgusting things for them or be glad if they ever did anything disgusting on me. (There are some of those out there and it’s terrifying.) I’d love to meet them some day, but that’s a hope I will keep for quite some time. So I thought today would be fitting to do a Flashback Friday and look over all those past music videos. ENJOY!

Aug. 2011- What Makes You Beautiful

The one song everyone knows by 1D. Catchy fun summer tune. And for us long time fans, just puts a smile on our faces remembering where it all started. It was also the anthem for girls on learning to feel beautiful.

Nov. 2011- Gotta Be You

This one was the first one I ever saw. The lovely tune mixed with the visual of boys suffering over love got to me. The fashion in this one is probably my favorite one out of all of them. Also, let’s be real, this looks exactly like you would imagine a boarding school to look like and the boys at them. PS- Still miss this Liam hair….

Jan. 2012- One Thing

This one gave every American girl major feels. Not only did it have the boys, but it showed them all around London. And from this video we all learned the essential dance moves that were later performed at concerts. And are still performed til this day. And it was actually incorporated in a later music video, can you find which one? One more thing, the fashion on this one is on point.

Sep. 2012- Live While We’re Young

This is the one that drove all the girls crazy. They are just chilling, when all of a sudden they’re in a lake. This is by far the video with the most innuendos. Big balls, microphones, bananas, you get the picture. Then they have a party and then a kiddie pool comes into play. There’s basically a lot of wet clothes and a shirtless Niall. And the classic, historic rowing dance move.

Nov. 2012- Little Things

This was the video that made every girl cry their eyes out. We took a good look at ourselves in the mirror and really appreciated every flaw we had. These boys really have a way of making us feel so perfect and beautiful it’s surprising. After this music video you really can’t do anything except wish that you meet a boy that makes you feel like these boys did. Also, just to point out this is the first video the boys strip back, are basically acoustic and the video shows them sitting around singing. Gotta go recover from all the dead on stares they gave to the camera. PS- in the midst of all this seriousness they never fail to include at least one inkling of why we love these silly boys.

Jan. 2013- Kiss You

This one takes the cake on ridiculousness. The costumes, the backdrops and the props are just so beyond our expectations that this one quickly got us dancing in our seats. And basically by the chorus we all wanted to take them home. And from this one we all got the blessing of Nialler doing the “chinny chin chin” and don’t lie to yourself…you do this at every concert. And in this one we got a lot more shirtless, when they pretend to be surfing. And We got the magical dream one 1D replicated so many times. But the highlight is Louis incredibly orange spray tan. Kiss us already damn it!

Feb. 2013- One Way or Another

This one made us see how generous and kind and selfless these boys truly are. NIALL IN A SHOWER. Also the additional footage of them in Africa made us cry to no end, because they showed us how bad things really are there and they cry so in turn we cry. The cool thing about this one is the video takes place in Japan, Africa, NYC, and London. Louis pelvic thrust.

Jul. 2013- Best Song Ever

This was the first one we saw their acting skills and a story line. Also, this was a shocking one. Niall and Louis dressed as old fat men,and Zayn is a beautiful woman. Zack…oh yes boys check out Zayn. MARCEL is the most precious thing in the world. “Cute as a button every single one of you.” Is a tag line I’ll remember for quite some time. Leeroy was too fab. “Liam you stay exactly as you are because you are Purr-fect.” And then they break everything. Brilliant. It was also the theme song to the movie. Marcel’s freaking out/crying face became the most popular meme on the internetz. And here it is the music video that incorporated a whole dance routine, but one only 1D could pull off.

Nov. 2013- Story of My Life

This is by far one of the most creative and well done video of theirs. I love that it incorporates their family members and really showing us their personal life more than we already see. The evolving pictures really makes for a great video.

Jan. 2014- Midnight Memories

What a horrible party they’re at. And this is where they turn it around and really go have some fun. I’m glad their idea of fun is at a restaurant Also a girl turning down Niall, would NEVER happen in real life. That Irish cutie is too irresistable. And these boys are so resourceful finding alternative modes of transportations. Also elderly people in the boys video is just perfect. And then stealing a cops boat, classic. Ending with the tower bridge is just so great.

Apr. 2014- You & I 

Multiplying boys, every Directioners dreams. This one again so simple, just them walking down a pier. But how many girls wouldn’t kill to be walking down hand in hand with these boys. Also another Directioner dream, the boys turning into each other. (As creepy and weird as that is)

Oct. 2014- Steal My Girl

This one is also incredibly ridiculous. But it portrays all the boys in their own unique ways. It incorporates all these hillarious events. The outfits were just as crazy and it really just put a smile on my face. It made me sing along, dance along and really just enjoy the video. But let’s be honest, that chimp steals the show entirely.

Bottom line is, no two 1D music videos are the same. They are so different and range from crazy funny to deep and meaningful. I think I covered all the music videos but if there is any of them I missed, feel free to comment. Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane like I did.

Much love always,



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