A Pizza Love Story

It’s another beautiful day in Italy as Emma and I explore one of the my favorite Piazzas, Piazza de Trevi. As we are sitting on the the fountain steps, a smooth but excited voice with a hint of an accent erupts a few steps behind me.

“Dude, I swear this is the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life!” It felt a bit early to be eating lunch, so to confirm I check my wrist watch.

“Someone is clearly enjoying their lunch. Or should I say breakfast.” I say to Emma and we both giggle.

He continues telling his friend how he’s never going to leave Italy because the food is just too amazing. A guy after my own heart, a foodie. His voice was soothing to my ears while full of wonder. I could tell he was the kind of person who truly lived in the moment and was absolutely loving everything about this one. He seemed full of life and energy. A happy man. At this my curiosity is burning, I must see this man. I turn around to look from where the voice, that had been bringing a smile to my face, was coming from. I’m not sure what exactly I was searching for, but as soon as I saw him I knew it had to be him. Aside from the fact that he was holding an almost non-existent piece of pizza, there was something about him.

His friend was definitely more the guy that if i saw at the bar I would have my eye on. He was quieter, tall but not too tall, skinny, white, and blonde with blue eyes. He seemed so sweet. But after being taken on this food journey, I needed to know this other guy. Not surprisingly but by the time I stopped looking at his friend, the pizza was gone. Pizza-man stretched his legs and turned his face to the sun. He was admiring the beautiful weather we had thankfully gotten. He sat there in silence, which allowed me to take a good look at him.

He was not at all the type of guy I would go for. He easily stood at 6’5″ with a tan well toned body. His face sported a well trimmed beard, and a well defined jaw and some classic RayBans. His hair tied back into a bun. A white t-shirt hugged his torso, while a grapefruit colored pair of shorts hung perfectly at his hips. A hint of a six pack appeared when he stretched. And the Sperry’s on his feet completed a perfect look. I took in every inch of that man and I was completely enthralled.

I hadn’t even noticed how long I’d been starring, until Emma spoke up.

“Had enough of that view yet?” She says nudging me.

“No. Never.”  I joke back, but I do turn back around to face the fountain. As I did so I just caught a glimpse of his friend pointing me out to him. Probably telling him how this weirdo had been starring at him for what felt like seconds but had actually been quite a few minutes.

“I think his friend noticed.” I say to Emma. “He’s probably telling him how this weirdo was checking him out.” At that she laughs. We take in the view and after a few more minutes we decide to leave. But before we left there was one thing I wanted to do, the hopeless romantic in me couldn’t help it. I grabbed a coin from my wallet, turned my back to the Trevi Fountain and made a wish. I wished that if it was fate, that I’d run into Pizza man once again. It was a long shot, but what’s the worse that could happen? I mean, I was already pretty sure I wasn’t going to see him again.

We continue on our trip around the city, exploring every inch of the city we could. A small part of me kept hoping on every corner I turned that I’d run into him. But the whole day I had no such luck. We went to dinner and it was the same. A lovely dinner with no sight of that beautiful man, just a lot of very fit Italian men. But none of them were Pizza-man.

The next day was our second to last day in Rome. We went about doing all the touristy things. At the end of the day, we were both so exhausted we considered just calling it a night. But something inside me told me, not tonight you need to be out there tonight. So l, of course, followed my gut and got ready to go get some dinner. It took some convincing to get Emma on board, but once she did we headed out. We were just going to go to a restaurant have dinner, and some after dinner drinks.

We did some research and found what seemed like a great restaurant. As I sit down in my seat, with my back to the door, I hear a familiar voice.

“Table for two.”

It can’t be. Had my wish actually come true? I quickly turn around and find my beautiful Pizza-man standing there. Today he was sporting jeans, a dress shirt and the same Sperry’s. And this time around his hair was down. It hit just below his chin and just seemed so smooth and perfect. I wanted to run my hands through his hair. Most of dinner was spent discussing with Emma whether or not we should approach. The decision was made, after dinner and after we’d ordered our drinks and paid we’d go say hello. The time came and my stomach was a mess. But the truth was, I had made a wish and it had come true. It was fate that brought both of us to the same restaurant and when a chance like that happens you have to take advantage. We both get up holding our drinks and walk over to their table. We had waited til they were done eating as well. We approach their table and they both look at us.

“So I hear Italy has the best pizza in the world.” I say hoping he realizes the reference.

“Well, I can’t disagree with you on that.” He replies with a smile.

“That’s Fountain Girl.” The friend replies softly, but loud enough so I can hear.

“Fountain Girl?” I say back.

“Well yeah. We didn’t know your name and apparently you had been looking over at us. It was only fitting. But I hadn’t expected you to be so beautiful.” He said looking me straight in the eyes.

“You caught me. But I just had to see who was the guy that was enjoying that pizza so much. And thank you.” I say smiling back.

“Please, take a seat Fountain Girl.” He says.

“You can call me Vicky.” I say taking a seat and Emma sitting next to me.

“Nice to meet you Vicky, I’m Theo.”


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