The Man in the Gray Suit

It was our last night in New Orleans, and we were just looking for fun. We were called to dance on stage and we did so for hours on end. We were loving the spotlight as well as the room to dance. Boys with their arms stretched out towards us, begging to be shown some attention. But I just carried on, sometimes smiling at a few and singing along with others. It was as if we were prizes they needed to have. I didn’t feel degraded, I felt powerful. As if I could pick any guy and that was entirely up to me. I had all the power and in my hazy state I was loving every second. I aimed to make the girls feel as beautiful as I did. I pulled them up on stage. Big, small, short or tall every girl was beautiful and deserved to feel the love like I was. And they loved every second of it. Then after many, many songs something caught my eye. There he was, the man in the gray suit. He danced with his friends but with such sophistication that it was a breath of fresh air. I saw him before he saw me. I took a few seconds to admire him. His blonde hair perfectly intact, his gray suit perfect for a formal occasion and suddenly his eyes were on mine. His enchantingly green eyes, captivated me in the sea of people and colorful lights. While every other guy was drunkenly making a fool of themselves he held himself with such poise. I looked away immediately. After a few more minutes, I built enough courage to look at him again. This time our eyes met again. I smiled at him and he smiled back. His eyes were full of mystery and yet kindness. They erupted with sexiness and yet had a hint of humbleness. In my silly attempts to gain his attention later on, i pointed to him. I had not done so, at all, the entire night. But I wanted him to know, I had my sight set on him. He pointed back and I smiled. I kept dancing, and from this point on I was dancing for him. Every other guy had disappeared in the room and I wanted only him to look at me. I danced sweetly, I danced boldly, I tried the sexy and the fun. I was obviously having fun for myself, but I wanted him to be completely mesmerized by me. I was slowly building up the courage and waiting for the right song to come on to go dance with him. I was nervous because I had no idea what I would even say. Maybe, it was the fear of rejection or that he wouldn’t live up to the expectation I’d created in my head, but either way I had missed my chance. He left and I was again left to wonder about that man. Out of an entire crazy weekend in New Orleans, my only regret was not talking to him and getting his name. But if life intended for me to know him, our paths will cross again.

Much Love,


PS- This story is completely 100% true. And the funny part is he came out in picture I took, and he was looking at us.


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