Ghosts of the Pasts

Hey Guys,

I could write a whole long post on so many things that are whirling inside my mind, but to be perfectly honest I’m tired. And not the I’m physically tired because it’s 3pm, but the I just don’t want to deal with this anymore. You guys know that on here I write a lot based on my personal life, today’s post is no different. The only exception is I won’t write in detail what happened in my life. So let’s get into it.

So a lot of things happen in your life that allow you to grow and mature. Some good and some bad, but you learn from all of it. Throughout all the different stages of your life you meet people. Something I’ve been learning along the way is sometimes those people need to stay in those stages of your life. And maybe a few people out there are shaking their head like “No! I’ve been friends with my best friend for 15 years.” And my response is, how many of those do you have around? 1? 2? The bottom line is yes, we have a few select really good friend that go through several stages of life with you. And that is absolutely wonderful because you know you have found a true friend. And some, you really wish could be a part of that group but unfortunately circumstances happen where you realize they were really good for that stage, but they just aren’t a fit for your life anymore.

The hardest part is realizing that they no longer fit your life and letting them go. I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to do that. People are meant to come and go in your life. I’m a believer that each person comes into your life for a reason, and sometimes they accomplish that reason and they have to move on to other things. But the sad part is they don’t always realize when they have to move on.

This topic was brought into my life because today 2 people from my past that I have moved on from messaged me. I may not be doing the most mature thing by not responding and instead writing a blog post about it, but I want them to realize that it was great when they were in my life, but that time has passed. Also, I’m holding myself back from going off on them and wasting my time and energy on something I don’t want back. And maybe you think “How could she be so cold?? Just telling people off like that! She has no heart!” And I’m here to tell you, I do have a heart. A big one at that. I like to think I am a kind person. But once you have upset me and disrespected me, I no longer have space for you in my life. And that’s okay, because that is more of my attention and love I can share with new people.

So if you need to take a moment and reevaluate your life and take people out of your life, that’s okay. You may have been really great friends at some point, but even best friend relationships end sometimes. I’m here to tell you my life is now drama free, and full of happiness and excitement. It’s a really great time for me and I’ll be damned if I let ghosts of my past ruin it for me.

So I hope you have a wonderful day and take a second to really think if there are any toxic relationships you need to eliminate from your life.

Much love always,



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