Here’s A Few Reviews for 2014

Hey Guys, So WordPress is awesome and gives you a review of the year on how your blog did this year. Here are a few key things I wanted to share with you guys. 1. I finally got a schedule of posting twice a week every week! (And I’ve been pretty consistent!!) 2. Symbols in […]

Internet of Love?

Hey Guys, So this weekend as I sat at a birthday party as one of two single girls, I started to think about my love life. The other single girl, who was the only one I knew, was talking about how she is on a dating site. My response to another girl was, “dating websites […]

10 Things I Love About Christmas

Hey Guys, With tomorrow being Christmas Eve I thought I’d share my favorite things about Christmas. In no particular order here are my top 10 favorite things about Christmas! 1. Giving Mood. I love how everyone suddenly gets in such a giving mood. Not only with presents but also helping those that need a little […]

Recipe for The Best Way to Watch Sherlock

This is referring to the BBC show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  Ingredients 1 Dark Room 1 Laptop 1 Pair of Headphones 1 Full Day 1 Netflix Account 0 People with you Steps 1. Separate a whole day for this event. You know that once you watch one episode you’ll want to watch […]

This is The Voice!

Hey Guys, This post should have been written way earlier and is now a bit too late. But today has been crazy and I haven’t been feeling 100%, so better late than never. (Even though I did consider not posting this at all bc I’m so exhausted. I powered through just for you guys). This […]

“Marry The Complicated Girl”

Good Morning Everyone, Often times I enjoy writing about how I thoroughly disagreed with an article and I come to my safe space (my lovely blog) to rant. But today, it is completely different. This week, I read an article that the entire time I was reading it I was nodding my head in agreement. […]

Real Life Good Luck Chuck

Good Morning Everyone, Okay, guys, let’s get super serious. I have a serious problem. Guys, I’M THE REAL LIFE GOOD LUCK CHUCK! Now, before you start making making fun of me, hear me out. Every guy that I had a casual fling with or “dated” briefly for a month or so , got a girlfriend […]

The Flash vs The Arrow

Hey Guys, Let me just preempt this by saying that there will be some spoilers if you have not watched both episodes, so before you keep reading PLEASE GO WATCH! Like right now. GO! I’ll wait… Okay done? Good! Let’s begin! One thing you need to know about me is this, I LOVE moving pictures. […]

To Quote or Not To Quote

Hey Guys, So last week with the holidays I really didn’t have time to write a post! I’m sorry!! But I hope you all had lots to eat, I know I at least gained ten pounds from Thanksgiving Day alone, haha. But now that vacation time is over and we’re back to work things are […]