The Flash vs The Arrow

Hey Guys,

Let me just preempt this by saying that there will be some spoilers if you have not watched both episodes, so before you keep reading PLEASE GO WATCH! Like right now. GO! I’ll wait…

Okay done? Good! Let’s begin!

One thing you need to know about me is this, I LOVE moving pictures. That means anything from Gifs, videos, television shows to movies. I find expressing an idea through a medium that allows us to actually visualize a creation is amazing. So it’s no surprise that on a weekly basis I follow up to 19 shows at a time. Yes you read that correctly, 19 SHOWS! If you want to find out all the ones I was watching this fall I made a whole video on it. (You can watch it here.)

But today we’re not here to talk about my obsession with television shows, we are here to discuss two shows in particular, The Flash and The Arrow. Two shows, that I must say have done a brilliant job not only with the casting and the script, but two shows that appeal to all demographics. From all the comic book lovers to all the girls swooning over Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell. And then the producers and writers had the brilliant idea of crossing over the two shows, which in my opinion was one of THE smartest ideas CW has ever had. Why was it such a great idea? Well let me enlighten you. (This post may be a little delayed due to the fact that I DVRed both episodes to watch them back to back.)

First, let’s discuss The Flash episode.

It begins like most episodes do with everyone happy and finding a bad guy to chase. Then Barry is back in his 9 to 5 job of working with the police force on a case. And then The Flash is off chasing this terrible guy, who can with his eyes make people SUPER pissed and let out all these things they have been suppressing. And just when we’re saying “Oh No, I don’t think Barry can handle this on his own…” guess who shows up? The Arrow! And can we just say what a GREAT entrance my friend. And then we see the Arrow team gathering and the face that a big man like Diggle makes of complete shock and a bit terrified of The Flash is HILLARIOUS! Then Felicity tells Barry what they’re really in town for and heads over to STAR Labs. Just like everyone else out there people at first are not happy with The Arrow because of his methodologies but Barry stands up for his friend. Then we have an inkling into who they’re going to be chasing on The Arrow.

In the midst of all of this Felicity convinces Oliver to partner with Barry and help him get rid of this bad guy. Also it’s important to note that Oliver decides that even though Barry has these metahuman capabilities that he needs training and he still has so much to learn to be the best he can be. I think this is a crucial moment for Barry to be grounded a bit and realize he is not at his best and there is still so much improvement to be done.

Even if his cockiness does get in the way a bit. Finally he learns the hard way.

Also we discover important info that Oliver is on Iris’s 3 Guys List. Which let’s be honest Oliver Queen is on all of our 3 Guys List.  But then The Flash’s episode takes on a dark aspect we’ve never seen in any other episode. Barry gets “infected” with the ‘release your suppressed emotions and tell us how you really feel’ virus. And for the first time we see all the ugly things Barry has been holding in. He tells Oliver off, he tells the captain to back off (and let’s be honest, Barry doesn’t get HALF of the appreciation he really deserves at the office.) and then my favorite he goes after Eddie. Eddie hasn’t been my favorite character mostly because he doesn’t believe in, then doesn’t like The Flash and the obvious reason he is keeping Iris from Barry, DUH! Not that I’m huge on Biris but I just want Barry happy. What we really see in Barry is that he is fed up with being unappreciated and overlooked. He wasn’t evil, he was just frustrated. Although the whole “you’re just jealous” thing to Oliver was a bit over the line (but Oliver didn’t take it to heart), everything else seemed  pretty reasonable. It allows us to see that Barry is just as human as all of us. And then it gets super awesome because we get to see the Flash and the Arrow duke it out in the middle of the street.

It was a brilliantly choreographed fight. And we get a bit of the humor from Diggle and Cisco making bets. But in the end we get the lovable and dorky Barry back even if the Flash has lost Iris’ approval. And then annoying Eddie puts out a squad to find The Flash. The guy makes one bad move and all of a sudden he is being hunted. It seems to be a reoccurring theme between Superhero shows.

The great thing about the cross over for this show was that The Flash often is full of laughs and smiles with few actual serious tones. The Arrow definitely brought in some darkness with hints of sarcasm. And while The Arrow at first was not approved by Dr.Wells and Joe, in the end everyone saw what Captain Lance and Laurel finally see in the Arrow. They might not agree with his methodology, but are glad for his help. Also the merging of the two teams, minus Roy, was really great to see. And the Arrow finally said out loud something only the viewers have seen that there is something off about Dr.Wells. I’m glad someone finally said it on the show and it’s someone who will have the teams back in case things go wrong. At the end Oliver gives Barry one last piece of advice, to let go of Iris. Because, and I quote  “Guys like us never get the girl.” And all our hearts start to cry because Olicity.

Both teams say their good byes and we are left with just Felicity asking Caitlin to break apart a DNA sample from the Canary’s (Sara) murder. And to end it all WE SEE RONNIE!! HE IS ALIVE AND ON FIRE!! OMG! I cannot wait for next week’s episode.

Now onto the Arrow. The Arrow is generally a very dark and often a little disturbing. But we love it entirely anyway.

Just like every episode we jump in straight to the point during the first few minutes of the episode. The boomerang yielding bad guy is being hunted by the team. They encounter A.R.G.U.S. at the house they are investigating. This is the first inkling we get of how serious things really are. Caitlin and Cisco show up at what used to be Queen Consolidated to help but also to check out the Arrow Cave. (The name quickly catches on.)

Cisco is immediately amazed with all the arrows and equipment they have. Once they figure out that the case is A.R.G.U.S. related they obviously go straight for Lyla for info. Let’s also point out that for most of the episode everyone says Lyla and Diggle are married and everyone keeps saying “they’re not married.” (FORESHADOWING) So while Diggle is with Lyla to get info, Digger (can we talk about how their names are SO similar) attacks. Arrow and Arsenal show up to save the day. But as they’re fighting a boomerang is coming straight for the team, and the Flash comes in to save them all.

At the Arrow Cave Barry puts together the bits of the boomerang so it can be studied. It turns out to be a super awesome complex weapon and Cisco is LOVING it.We learn that he is after Lyla for attempting to murder him. (It was a hard call but she had to make it for the greater good.)

After Oliver finally allows Barry to be a part of the investigation they’re all figuring everything out together. We also get glimpses of Oliver’s past. We see that he used to be scared to torture people and hurt others. But A.R.G.U.S taught him that it was necessary to do the hard things sometimes, when you don’t have the luxury of time.

Out on the field, Barry sees first hand Oliver’s methods and how harsh Oliver really gets. He questions Oliver’s methods and even starts second guessing his own faith that Oliver is inherently good. All the boys go out to find Digger while all the ladies stay in the Arrow Cave.

What Oliver finds out once he’s there is that Digger had set up a decoy to actually get Lyla in a weaker situation. He attacks the Arrow Cave and the ladies try to fend for themselves. Obviously the boomerang is incredibly dangerous and ends up hitting Lyla in the right shoulder.  Barry rushes her to the hospital and ends up saving her, but for a minute we all held our breath thinking: “was this the end for Lyla?” But of course the episode still had so much more to give. They finally track down Digger and confront him.

After tracking him down and confronting him they found out that he had planted 5 bombs all around Starling City. They have 90 seconds to diffuse the bomb. With the help of the team back at the base Barry finds the first bomb. With Cisco’s awesome planning skills he installed a camera that now allows the team to actually see what Barry is seeing. And that’s how they discover that all 5 bombs must be diffused at the same time.

Barry thinks about it and realizes he can’t be in five places at once. Or Can he? Then we are thrown back to Oliver fighting Digger.

And Barry finally realizes what he has to do. He has to get the rest of the team to the other bombs and they all need to cut the wire at the same time.

And just like that they save Starling City. We see the Arrow pin Digger to the post for the police to take him down. And the question everyone has been asking all episode finally becomes true. Diggle finally asks Lyla to marry him, again. The most badass couple ever.

Then we get a very tender moment between Barry and Oliver. Barry finally realizes why Oliver does things the way he does. And Starling City is partly at fault. It’s a tougher city and requires a bit more force. But the element to highlight is that Barry basically tells Oliver that he is a role model and inspiration to him. Barry tells Oliver he believes that he is fundamentally good and wants to do what is good for the city and he respects that. Also the STAR Lab team admits that because they deal with metahumans things never really seem so dark, that people could actually be this evil on their own. It brings a whole new aspect to Caitlin and Cisco’s world. Potentially preparing them for a future we think might happen. (I’m still trying to figure out if Dr. Wells is actually evil.)

The bonding of the team really shows.

Roy: It’s cool. You guys are fun.

Cisco: So are you guys. Well, you could be if you realized you’re working under a night club.

And it’s great because now both teams can work collectively and can relate to living this hard life that they lead. And it’s finally awesome to see Caitlin and Felicity have some female backup and friends. And can we talk about how freaking awesome it is to have two beautiful, intelligent, strong women that shine in a tv show full of men.


The two teams really show each other some appreciation by presenting the other team with a gift. Oliver got another glass case to put Barry’s outfit whenever he’s in town. And Cisco made a better, lighter suit that allows Oliver to carry more things with him. It was truly a nice touch for both teams. And it wouldn’t be right to finish it off without a little hint of fun rivalry.

Oliver: You can’t expect me to believe that you don’t want to know once and for all who would win — me or you.
Barry: You mean if you don’t shoot me in the back?
Oliver: You gotta get over that, Barry.
Barry: OK. I have super powers. You have arrows. That run out.
Oliver: I have strategy and tactical awareness.
Barry: When I’m fighting you, it’s literally like you’re standing still.
Oliver: It’s tough talk, you ready to back it up?
Barry: Oh yeah.

One of the great things about the pairing up is Barry is the ying to Oliver’s yang. Barry is the light comedic relief for a dark and often grounding aspect which Oliver brings. But even more they balance each other out. When one is down the other inspires and makes him realize how important they are to their respective cities.

And as a comedic relief enjoy this!

I hope you all enjoyed this crossover as much as  I did. And to really drive the point home here’s one more.

Anyways this post has probably been the longest post ever. I honestly just loved this crossover so much I had to go on and on about it. I hope the pictures at least made it go by a little faster. Guys I have officially written 2310 words. CRAZY! Let me know what you think and if you guys liked this kind of post.

Much love always,



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