Real Life Good Luck Chuck

Good Morning Everyone,

Okay, guys, let’s get super serious. I have a serious problem. Guys, I’M THE REAL LIFE GOOD LUCK CHUCK!

Now, before you start making making fun of me, hear me out. Every guy that I had a casual fling with or “dated” briefly for a month or so , got a girlfriend within the month of ending things with me. This has been definitely true for 6 guys if not more . Those are just the ones I can name. And if it wasn’t within a month, then it was the next girl they were with. (Or at least I think it was the next girl, Facebook stalking can only tell you so much.) But the point is, more and more I noticed guys getting together with long term girlfriends. And when I say long term, I mean legit long term. Some for a year or so, and some are still dating those same girls.

So you can see, I am the real life Good Luck Chuck. Guys have a little fling with me and then get serious with the next girl. And funny enough, I’m the girl always looking for something serious. And while they do that, I’m sitting here single as can be.

But you know what, it’s cool. While everyone is in a relationship, I have unlimited freedom to do whatever I want. And honestly, that’s what keeps me from getting sad. So all my single ladies, enjoy your freedom, cause you’ll have 50 years or more to spend with the love of your life. 🙂

Much Love always,



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