This is The Voice!

Hey Guys,

This post should have been written way earlier and is now a bit too late. But today has been crazy and I haven’t been feeling 100%, so better late than never. (Even though I did consider not posting this at all bc I’m so exhausted. I powered through just for you guys).

This week I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about, that is until I saw last night’s The Voice Finale performances and holy cow. First of all, let’s just establish that all Top 4 contestants can really sing! Like they can all REALLY sing. That alone was enough to make last night a good finale. But then the song choices were so on point that it made the night really great. The duos with the coaches made it even more great. But best of all was the new thing, they allowed each finalist to perform an original song that they had written or someone else had written. This made the night completely epic. And now here’s where I talk about my order for the night and what I thought of each performance. So while we wait for the results tonight let’s take a look back at last night.

4. Craig Wayne Boyd

He is my number 4 mostly because I am not a country music fan at all. But with that being said, I have an immense respect for Craig. He has an amazing voice that is going to kill it in the Country industry, I am sure! But also, he is a single parent and that to me is incredibly sweet. Especially since one of his songs was dedicated to his life, his son. Below are his three performances.

I will say that when his original song came on, i danced along to it.

3. Damien

I really like Damien. I think he’s a good guy and I know he has an amazing set of pipes on him. But the one thing I would say is, he always looks like he’s about to cry. For every song, happy or sad. So for me that really kills the songs sometimes. Last night however I think he did really great and stuck to what he does best. He really can move you and make you feel every word he sings. However compared to the other guys, I think they outshone him.

This duet was amazing. Simply amazing.

And his original song was pretty awesome too. I think it was a great fit for him. (Again this night was so full of great talent ranking them is hard.)

2. Chris Jamison 

Now for most of the season my top 3 have been: Chris, Taylor and Matt. (In no particular order.) But now that the end has come I have to finally decide who I wanted as my number 1 and number 2. Last night was Chris’ best night yet, and he’s been improving every single night. He went from being this shy guy to a guy full of swag and confidence on stage. He started out singing love songs and realized his talents are for the sexy pop soul songs, like JT, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. He kills those types of songs. The song choices Chris made for last night could not have been better.

One of my favorite JT songs done beautifully.

First of all had NO idea this song was by Robin Thicke. (I am not a fan of his) But I LOVE this song. And again the pop soul style fits perfectly with Chris.

And his Original Velvet is SO GOOD! I have it on my iPod and have been jamming to it. It’s like they wrote that song for him.

1. Matt McAndrew

Now this boy basically from day 1 has earned a special place in my heart. Not because I think he’s hot, but because every time he sings, I feel things deep down.It’s like he sings to my soul. It’s a strange concept to explain, but I hope you get what I mean. Every time he sings I melt and all I can hear is his beautiful voice. He definitely, in my opinion, did the best of the night. And has been doing so throughout the season. He takes chances and really showcases what he is really about. Like they said he’s an adorable puppy covered in tattoos.

His cover song was everything. If it doesn’t move you to almost tears or at least goosebumps, something is wrong.

You wouldn’t know this next song, unless you’ve seen the movie. WHICH I HAD. So when Adam said they were doing this song I screamed. It’s my favorite song from the movie, because it is simply so beautiful. And seeing Matt do it, was everything.

And finally his original. Which, let me point out, Matt was THE only one who actually performed a song he wrote. So on top of singing like an angel, he is an artist. He writes his own music and then delivers them beautifully. I am completely and utterly obsessed with his single. Go buy it and listen to it a million times. And then watch the music video, because every time I did I fell more in love with him.

Also if you don’t have it yet, buy his album that he released before this show. It’s very good. But I can’t wait for his next album!!

Anyways, let’s go enjoy the show and hope whoever you were rooting for wins. In my case. MATT MCANDREW!

Much love always,



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