10 Things I Love About Christmas

Hey Guys,

With tomorrow being Christmas Eve I thought I’d share my favorite things about Christmas. In no particular order here are my top 10 favorite things about Christmas!

1. Giving Mood.
I love how everyone suddenly gets in such a giving mood. Not only with presents but also helping those that need a little aid.

2. Parties/ Gatherings
It is the one time of the year you can guarantee there will be at least one party or fathering. At work alone I’ve already had 2 and will be having 1 more. But also your family gathers together to celebrate. This togetherness and allowing us as humans to interact and create bonds is truly a gift in itself.

Let’s not lie, everyone loves getting presents. Knowing how well people actually know you is one of my favorite things. Seeing what people get me is always so exciting. But more importantly I LOVE figuring out what to get people. Yes it could be a little stressful, but it’s so much fun!

4. Food
All the food! All the food!

5. Beautiful Lights
Everything always looks so beautiful and sweet. It’s always fun to drive through streets that all the houses decorated.

6. Family Time
You love and you hate them. But you spend SO much time around them during the holidays. And for me that is a complete joy. They drive me crazy but I love the moments we do get to spend together.

7. Time Off
Whether you work or go to school, it’s one time of the year you have days off! And it’s fantastic! I’ll be sleeping in ’til God knows what hour.

8. Christmas Movies
I am a sucker for all those Christmas movies. Even those Hallmark ones, they move me to tears usually. But you gotta love the Christmas spirit in each one.

9. Hope & Love
Around that time you can feel in the air all the love and hope. And unlike Valentine’s Day you are not dreading all the love around you. You feel happy for those people and you feel hope for the next year that you will finally find someone. And also you’re getting gifts from your friends that it doesn’t bum you out too much all the love surrounding you. But more than that you feel love towards other humans and hope that the world will get better.

10. Christmas Spirit
The Christmas Spirit is infectious and everywhere. It’s in the Christmas Tree in the mall and in the decoration in your neighbors house. It’s in the gifts you receive and in the carols being sung. You can’t help but smile at how wonderful Christmas is. Even if you have reasons to feel down (like in my case celebrating it without my little brother bc he loved it) it’s nice to know that the Christmas Spirit is there to pick you up.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whichever holiday you celebrate!

Much love always,



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