Internet of Love?

Hey Guys,

So this weekend as I sat at a birthday party as one of two single girls, I started to think about my love life. The other single girl, who was the only one I knew, was talking about how she is on a dating site. My response to another girl was, “dating websites scare me.”

Many of you might be assuming I was talking about the scary part of meeting in person someone who you met over the internet. But for me that is not the fear that comes to mind.

I used to think that it would be easy and convenient in this technology driven fast paced world to find someone through a website. I used to think that having an algorithm do all the work would be so much easier. And it’s true, it’s easier and more convenient. I also used to think the internet would some how build my perfect man. But sadly that is not the case. I want to also make it clear I am not dissing online dating. For some people it works out well for them.

But for me I can’t picture myself finding my future husband on a website any more. The faster the internet grows and the more involved it gets in our lives, the more I try to fight it. Not because I’m stuck in the old ways, but because there is a beauty in human interaction and letting some things happen naturally. I know that when I find my soul mate it will be beautiful and full of magic. I know that he will have the same belief that somethings are better left to be done the old way.

I am a big believer in the fact that what’s meant to happen will happen. But the fact that there’s a chance you’ll meet your soul mate online is a bit off to me. That’s what scares me. The fact that in today’s world so many things are left to be done through the internet.  I believe in the organic meeting of two people.

And what’s more exciting than thinking every time you walk outside could be the day you meet your other half.  I am the kind of person that pictures myself at a coffee shop bumping into my perfect man. Or maybe going shopping and both of us reaching for the same thing. There’s a special kind of magic in meeting someone in person and looking into their eyes.

So what do you guys think? Do you agree with my opinions regarding dating websites? Are you on any? Do you strongly disagree with what i said? Let me know!

Much Love,



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