Sometimes Life Just Happens…

Hey Guys, So in the past few weeks I’ve been trying my absolute best to get posts out every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am for you guys to read. And honestly it’s felt good to have a set schedule for posts to be released. So good, in fact, that when I don’t do it I […]

The Age Old Question

Hey Everyone! Today I want to talk about the age old question: can guys and girls be just friends? Now, this topic has been beaten to death and has strong support on both sides. Some of the arguments are: absolutely not, yes but at some point you like/ have liked that other person, or yes […]

Just Put It Out There

Hello Hello! So this week something happened to me and it made me think about how funny the power of words are. We all have thoughts in our head that for the most part stay up there. We have thoughts that we don’t ever really want to admit them out loud. Whether they are good […]

Own Your Awesome, But Don’t Forget Your Manners

Hello Hello, When it comes to writing a blog post, sometimes I get inspiration out of the blue and sometimes it’s a reaction I have to something I’ve read. Today is one of those where I read something and wasn’t agreeing with the blog post, which led me to have some opinions regarding it. Yesterday, […]

I Still Get Jealous

Hey Hey Everyone, Typically anything is fair game in this blog, so I decided I’d talk about a specific song today. This song is the best to jam out to in the car. And it wasn’t until today that I listened to it intently and was like: “This is the first song to truly explain […]