Own Your Awesome, But Don’t Forget Your Manners

Hello Hello,

When it comes to writing a blog post, sometimes I get inspiration out of the blue and sometimes it’s a reaction I have to something I’ve read. Today is one of those where I read something and wasn’t agreeing with the blog post, which led me to have some opinions regarding it.

Yesterday, I read a blog post called “This Is What Happens When Women Actually Accept A Compliment From A Man Online“.

The topic automatically peaked my attention, being a feminist and all, and so I clicked on it and started reading. As I began reading I found the concept of the social experiment to be very intriguing. As I read on, I steadily became more uncomfortable with the blog post. The concept was that when a man compliments you online (via Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, etc…), that more often than not owning up to your own strengths can often be responded with aggression. And that is very interesting and probably very true for incredibly immature and moronic men. Real men, the men that you want to go on a date with and not just hook up with, will embrace a confident woman.

But even more than that, what truly bothered me was what this social experiment was based off of. The title of the experiment claimed that a woman accepts the compliment. However, she responds to compliments with “yes” or “yep.” As a woman that aggravates me, because saying “yes” is not accepting it. There is something so incredibly arrogant about saying “Yes” or “yep” or “i know.” It is true that the men’s reaction was a bit much, but her responses weren’t good either. With that kind of response even I would be like “okay. wow. she’s bitchy.” It does not make you weaker or less confident to say “Thank you, I agree.” or “Thank you, I really like that about myself too.” Those are responses that make men realize, that you know how awesome you are and that you are polite too. I think that would have made men have a different reaction. (Yes, I do realize one of them she did say “thank you,” and he was still a jerk.)

Then I read some comments from girls basically ripping on the whole concept of saying “thank you.” They were almost insinuating that saying “thank you” would be submissive. I whole-heartedly disagree. I think women can be strong and polite.

I would like to see this experiment done again but this time with ‘thank you’s and maybe with better men. Even though I do realize picking the men would defeat the purpose of this experiment.  I just don’t think this experiment reflects well the guys that actually want a relationship. Instead I believe it reflects the men who want a one night stand. And to reiterate again, confident sexy men are 100% comfortable and in fact look for confident women. So stay sexy and confident ladies, but don’t forget your manners.

Let me know what you guys think? Do you agree with what I’m saying? Disagree?

Much love always,



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