Just Put It Out There

Hello Hello!

So this week something happened to me and it made me think about how funny the power of words are.

We all have thoughts in our head that for the most part stay up there. We have thoughts that we don’t ever really want to admit them out loud. Whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts we try to filter what comes out. Also, when bad things happen it takes a few hours, days and even sometimes months before we say it. But what is it, that keeps us from saying those thoughts out loud?

Well, when we say things out loud things become that much more real. And it’s not just that a fact becomes more real. But the way you feel about that thought becomes more real. For example, if something bad happens, saying it out loud doesn’t change the fact that it has already happened, but it becomes that much more real. And that’s true for a crush too. When you have a crush on someone, and when you finally decide to tell someone it feels that much more real.

Honestly, sometimes you don’t even need to tell it to someone. Just saying it out loud in your room has pretty much the same effect. I wonder if it has anything to do with hearing it. If you hear something are you more likely to believe it as opposed to just thinking it? (If someone has a scientific explanation for this, I’d love to hear it!)

The funny thing isn’t even how much more real it becomes, but how you physically start reacting to it. When it’s bad news, it hits you like a brick wall. For example, when I said out loud that a friend of mine had passed I started crying. I had read a message via chat but it was only when I said it out loud that it actually hit me like a ton of bricks and brought me to tears. Same thing with my brother, when I said it out loud it sunk in a little bit more. The same is true for happy things, like admitting a crush. You may have a crush on someone, but it isn’t until you’ve said it out loud that your heart races when you see them, or your hands get cold or you get nervous around them. And also when the people you have told are around both of you, it automatically makes you more nervous because now someone else knows your secret and you have no control over whether they’d reveal it or not. (Hopefully, you have amazing friends who won’t tell!)

But yes, it’s a funny thing how powerful verbal words are. I think there’s a reason spoken insults hurt worse than written ones. Spoken words make you react to them and they make things feel more real. Just be careful what you do say out loud because once you’ve said it, you can’t take it back.

In the meantime, like a good friend of mine says: “Put it out to the universe you never know what could happen.” So if you want something bad enough, say it out loud and see if it becomes true. Just make sure you also work hard enough to make it happen.

As always, much love,



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