Frustrated Vent

Good Morning Everyone,

Today, I need to vent and I hope you all are okay with that.

I am the kind of person that loves adventures and trips. And, of course I would love to take those trips with my friends. But somehow, every single time I try to plan a trip with friends, plans always (and I mean ALWAYS) fall through. It’s crazy how many times it has happened. Let me recount a few just so you guys get an idea.

1. Tried to plan a spring break trip during my senior year of college. Needless to say everyone was excited at first and then no one could go. They were mostly juniors so the next year they went on the exact same trip I wanted to, except they went without me.

2. Planned a Cali trip with a friend. This one, even though I invited several people, only one friend actually agreed and was going to go with me. Except 2 weeks before the trip, she cancelled and I went alone.

I think those are enough to give you an idea of the terrible luck I have. I call it bad luck, because otherwise I’d be forced to accept that people just don’t want to travel with me. And that’s not something I want to believe to be true. Well, why am I writing about this now? Because, it seems to be happening again. I want to go to an event on the west coast and have already bought a ticket and as of right now am going alone. The good thing is there is still plenty of time to work this out.

Either way, it’s a very frustrating occurrence and it’s a bit upsetting too! Does this happen to anyone else? Please share your experiences so I don’t feel so alone!

Much love always,



2 thoughts on “Frustrated Vent

  1. This happens to me all the time too. In college, sometimes I also felt that no one truly wanted to hang out because I was always the one initiating plans and getting everyone together. Otherwise, no one would do anything with each other. Maybe they’re just bad at plans and communication. It sucked either way! Good luck on your trip.

    • Neonpineapples,
      SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!! I’m not alone in this! Same here I am always the one initiating plans. And unless I initiate it, I don’t go out. Somehow, people seem to forget to invite me. Thanks! Hopefully this one shall go better! 🙂

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