The Age Old Question

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to talk about the age old question: can guys and girls be just friends?

Now, this topic has been beaten to death and has strong support on both sides. Some of the arguments are: absolutely not, yes but at some point you like/ have liked that other person, or yes absolutely.

For most of my life I have believe the answer is YES! As boy crazy as I am, I have many guy friends who I have absolutely no feelings for and really never have. Growing up, I always felt girls were too full of drama and that I related better to more chill guys. Of course, I had my close girlfriends who I could talk in depth about boys and girly things. You need that in your life, because no matter how you try to convince boys they don’t like shopping. They have no patience for it. And you need your guy friends to chill out and just catch movies or do something stupid with. So during high school and college I had so many more guy friends than girl friends. Could it potentially be due to the fact that girls are more insecure and catty during those ages?

But now that I’m older I feel like things have changed. Surprisingly since I’ve left college any drama that has entered my life has come from boys. That’s right, not ABOUT guys but FROM guys. And after certain events in my life recently, I’m starting to wonder if I can even make new guy friends. Any guy I am friends with now, I have been friends with them for a while. Recently every time I meet a new guy it seems like he only has one intention, to hook up with me or date me. Can any guy offer me the explanation as to why this is happening? Is it because guys feel like now is the time to find a mate? I’m trying to understand why I can’t meet a guy and be friends with him without other intentions. I am actually now reluctant to even approach guys, not because I’m vain and I think every guy is in love with me, but mostly because I just don’t want to give them false hope or the wrong idea.

So to all the guys out there over the age of 22: I need explanations! Why is this happening? Can I really not make any new guy friends?

Much love always,



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