Dear Single Friends,

I may have already posted something similar to this a while back, but I feel like this is something I constantly need to keep talking about.

Many friends of mine are worried about being single forever or for a very long time. Funny enough most of those friends are girls. Do guys not worry about this kind of stuff? Anyways, girls I say to you, IT’S OKAY! Keep reading below and hopefully after taking all this in you will be grateful you are single.

Everyone always says your 20s is the greatest time of your life. The longer I’ve been single, the more I’ve started to realize the true awesomeness of the single life. Here are a few reasons why your single 20s are awesome: you’re legal to drink, you are now an adult and respected as such (unless you are like me and look 15 and people don’t actually believe you are 24…), you have no kids, no big commitments and this is the time to make stupid mistakes. Now how does this relate to being single, well let me enlighten you.

1. You’re legal to drink. You can drink how much or how little you want without judgement. And when you do get stupid drunk you don’t have to worry about what your boyfriend/girlfriend is going to think. Also, you won’t have a drunk boyfriend/girlfriend to take care of or overreacting at the bar because some guy/girl looked at you. So go out and have a drink for me.

2. You are now an adult. You are an adult and you can act as such. Or you can act like a 5 year old, because WHO CARES?

3. No kids, no commitments. You have no responsibilities (other than the obvious responsibilities you have with yourself). Which means, if you want to go on a trip, you can. If you want to go out with your girlfriends, you can. If you want to move, you’re free to do so. Basically you are free to do exactly everything you want to do without worrying about someone else. So go chase that dream you’ve always had without worrying how it will affect your boyfriend/girlfriend. This also means pets. I know a lot of people get pets because they are lonely and want companionship. And while I absolutely adore dogs (like you don’t understand my obsession) I am yet to get a pet because of the responsibility that would constrict me to. You’ll have at least 50 years of that kind of responsibility when you have kids, why anticipate it?

4. You can make stupid mistakes. You can make many mistakes because in the end it will only affect you (and in some cases, depending on the mistake, the people around you). You will learn and grow. So take this chance to take yourself on this self discovery path. (It just got deep, I know, but it’s true.) Go out and get too drunk. Do that thing you think is a really good idea, that actually isn’t. (But please refrain from doing dangerous things, no one wants to see you hurt!) Take a chance on yourself. And ps- even if you do make mistakes just remember every action has a consequence so be ready for those too.

5. Really take this time for yourself. Really take time to learn about yourself, because the amazing thing is as people we are constantly growing and changing and evolving. We are never the same people we were yesterday. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to take. Start that project you’ve been pushing back on. Follow that dream you’ve always had. Make out with that stranger who you think is hot at the bar. Do whatever your little heart desires. And the cliche, but incredibly true, you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself first.

6. You save SO much money. If you are anything like me, giving gifts makes you happy. But those presents aren’t free, they take your hard earned money. So this is the time to spoil yourself. Get that beautiful dress. Go to that concert front row. Because I can guarantee when you have a significant other, or kids that’s where all your money ends up going.

7. You have way more free time. I can tell you first hand, how busy my friends are with their boyfriends. As soon as they get a boyfriend, time with themselves and their friends decreases immensely. Don’t get me wrong I’m super happy for them, but sometimes I just need my girls to go out with.

If you have read all of this and are still unconvinced and worried about being alone forever, here are a few more things.

Having a boyfriend is great. You get a cuddle buddy, a friend, someone to talk to, and a steady person you can get your freak on at any time. Believe me when I say, I understand how important those things are and how someone can really miss not having that. Being single sometimes is the worst. Like being the only single person at New Years and resorting to popping the champagne bottles because everyone else is kissing their significant other. Or constantly being a bridesmaid at weddings. Or always being the the third, fifth, seventh or in some case the eleventh wheel. But when you realize that you’ll have a partner for at least 50 years when you find the right person for you, being single til the end of your 20s doesn’t seem so bad. So, enjoy your freedom and new found excitement for life. This is the only time you’ll have to do exactly what you want without having to compromise with others.

My last bit of advice is, enjoy every single bit of your life exactly as it is. If you are single, enjoy it instead of pinning for what you don’t have. If you are in a relationship, enjoy your commitment to your partner. If you are dealing with a break-up, take everything you learned and apply it to your every day. (And if you are dealing with a break-up do a little something that makes you happy everyday, and the pain gets easier to deal with.) Whatever your situation is, really live in that moment, because every moment of our life is important. Things that are meant to happen will happen when they are meant to. So just be happy, that’s all that really matters in this life.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and learned a little from it. I hope it has helped you in some way. And just know, I’m always here to talk, to listen and to hopefully make you smile.

Much love always,


PS- If you need just one more reason, you can watch all the tv and Netflix you want!


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