Recipe: My Valentine Date with Chris Evans

I have really exciting plans for this Valentine’s Day and I decided to share if you wanted to copy it.


1 Captain America: The First Avenger

1 The Avengers

1 Captain America: The Winters Soldier (perfect for this weather, too)

1-3 Friends/Cousins

2-3 Bags of popcorn

1 Box of Chocolate

Candy (at your discretion)


1. Plan a night in with your best friends or in my case my cousin will be in town.

2. Gather all the blankets, food and movies necessary to have yourself one of the greatest movie nights in.

3. Microwave all the popcorn and open all candy containers to avoid making noises during the movie, or stopping the movie.

4. There will be no bathroom break while watching each movie, so prepare yourself for such. Bathroom breaks should be conducted in between movies.

5. Sit back and press play and enjoy the tight leather suit that perfectly captures the perfection that is Chris Evans. And also enjoy the sarcasm and humor between all your favorite superheroes in The Avengers.

Note: Ingredients are interchangeable and quantities can change. Add to your liking.


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