Special Friday: Valentine Blues?

Hello Hello,

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder to anyone who needs one.

Valentine’s Day is ultimately the holiday of love. While single people may loathe it and the consumer market has shifted the focus to couples, we ultimately forgot the reason behind this holiday.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about couples in love. The holiday is actually simply about sharing the love. Whether that is family love, friendship love, relationship love or love for a stranger. It’s one day a year where everyone gets to express all the love inside of them without it seeming weird.

So, if you’re feeling down about being single, remember all the people you love. And yes, that does include yourself! So be sure to treat yourself to something nice. Maybe that cupcake or that desert you’ve been dying to taste. Remind your friends why you love having them around. And show a little appreciation for the two people that would do anything in the world for you, your parents.

At the end of the day, “All we need is love.” And it’s all about the love, so spread it around!

Much love always,



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