Disconnect for A While

Hello Hello,

While I agree that our generation is better for it and it might play a huge part in our every day life, I’d like to make the argument that not all of my generation is attached to their phones. I can’t speak for my sister’s generation. Those kids REALLY don’t know how to live without phones. But my generation, meaning adults currently in their twenties, have the best of both worlds. While we have adapted and learned to incorporate phones into our lives, we remember a day when creativity and our minds were all that we had to use.

With modern technology, we have learned to use all the best of it while also being able to realize how much it affects our lives. I think it is interesting to note that we can admit and realize that we are addicted to our phones, but when it comes to it, we could survive without it. We realize what a big part of our lives it has become. And we also have the will power to disconnect from technology every so often. Teens and kids in today’s world, don’t realize how addicted they actually are and would completely fail at surviving without a phone.

I try very hard to limit how much I rely on my phone. On a daily basis, I leave it on my desk and look at it only every so often. When I am at home, I leave my phone in my room, and check it sparingly (much to the frustration of anyone trying to reach me). When I am out with friends or family, I leave my phone in my purse and focus only on the people around me. An act that often frustrates my parents when they are trying to reach me. Once out of the country, my phone is completely off and I rely solely on my wits and outgoing personality. I highly recommend people do this when they travel, it is such a liberating feeling and slightly scary, but so worth it.

When people think of my generation and even my own generation sometimes think we can’t survive without any form of technology. But the truth is, they don’t give us enough credit. I think our own self-awareness and ability to disconnect without freaking out shows just how good we are. And I think the more it’s coming to the public eye how much technology is integrated in our life, the more we are shocked and shy away from being labeled as dependents. So my generation, let’s keep this up. And while we’re at it, let’s teach the younger generation and future generations how much better life can be when you disconnect. It allows for human interaction, something we are slowly losing with future generations.

I dare you all to disconnect from your phones and laptops for at least one hour every night. Put it away and let yourself spend time with a friend, yourself or even your television. Or if you’re really daring, try to be creative. Write something, paint something, create something, bake something, or even crack open that coloring book you’ve been hiding in the bottom of that drawer. Just try to do something that doesn’t involve phones and computers.

Much Love,



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