Making Lifestyle Improvements

Good Morning!

So this week I began something I’ve been actively avoiding for a long time, the gym. Working out has always been a struggle for me, but one I knew at some point I would have to face. So there are a few reasons I have to do it and a few reasons to keep me going. I wanted to share this journey with all of you in the hopes it gives you comfort to know you’re not alone, or some motivation. Or maybe even just a good laugh.

My reasons for this new improvement are simple:

1. I want a more toned and lean body. You might look at me and say “but you’re so skinny you don’t need to lose weight.” While you might see one thing, I see something very different. I love my body, so know that first. But none of us are really 100% happy with our body, and that’s okay, that’s normal. We will always find things we want to improve on ourselves. Mine comes in the shape of love handles. But more than that, because I eat a lot and don’t do much physical activity I started developing a slight belly, one that I would like to improve upon. Now notice I keep saying improve and not change. There isn’t anything I would like to change drastically but simply improve.

2. Perhaps the more important reason, is a physical one. Back in November, I discovered I had runners knee and had to do physical therapy to strengthen my legs and stop the knee pain. After ending physical therapy, my therapist said I needed to continue exercising for the rest of my life or else my knee pain would return. A month of not doing the mandated exercises, I noticed the pain started again. So I knew I couldn’t avoid it and decided to enroll in a gym.

3. My gym is 2 buildings down from work, it’s hard to avoid it. And my work street for some reason backs up for about an hour, so instead of sitting idly at work, or sitting in a car, I figured working out would be the best solution.


1. Lose about 10 pounds. Let’s get real honest here. I currently weigh about 130 and would love to go back down to 120. I’d be okay with 10 pounds if most of the weight I do gain is muscle mass.

2. Work out enough where my knees feel fine.


1. Cute boys at the gym. Call it superficial or stupid, I don’t care. Deep down we all know this is true! You see a cute boy at the gym, you work harder. If not harder, you probably start doing your exercises the most accurate you’ve ever done them. You want to look good, but also you want him to think you know what you’re doing. It gives you that extra push when you need it.

2. Before and after pictures. Taking those pictures allows you to see your improvements and work even harder to do look even better.

3. Music. Most of the people at the gym look in pain or miserable. While I know that if i don’t have fun when I go to the gym, the likelihood of me returning are very slim. So pick music you enjoy and don’t be afraid to lip sing and even dance a little. I’m sure soon enough I’ll be known in the gym as the weirdo who lip sings and dances while riding the bike. But hey at least I’m having a great time.

4. Feel good about yourself. Ultimately everyone works out to feel good about themselves. I am no different. I want to feel good and healthy and happy. (Even though I already am a very happy person.) 🙂

Overall, I am doing this for me and for things I want to accomplish in my life! I’ll keep you guys updated on how things are going at the gym!

Much love,



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