Favorite Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s Monday and you’re all getting a new post. WHAAA? But yes,I decided that today deserved a post. If you are a movie lover or an award show lover like me, then you watched the 87th Academy Awards, aka the Oscars. Typically, people talk about the best and worst dressed in blog posts. And I will not lie, I actually thought about making one of those posts too. But then I thought about Reese Witherspoon, who was lobbying for women to be asked about their projects and not they’re dresses (see #askhermore), and I was totally on board for that. So instead, I thought why not share my favorite Oscar acceptance speeches. The ones that moved me, gave me chills and stood out amongst the rest. In no particular order, here were my top 5 acceptance speeches.

1. John Legend & Common (Selma)

What more can I say. It’s incredible.

2. Graham Moore (The Imitation Game)

At first when he said he had attempted to kill himself I was like WOW. But then I got chills and applauded him for speaking up on such a huge stage. And he definitely made it one of the most memorable speeches.

3. Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

Equal rights for all! Although, I think my favorite bit about the speech is Meryl Streep’s reaction. Meryl with that attitude I’ll follow you wherever!

4. JK Simmons (Whiplash)

Call your parents! First speech of the night and all he talked about was loving his wife, his family and to be grateful for your family. So refreshing.

5. Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything)

COULD HE BE ANY CUTER?? He had the most real reaction out of the entire roster of winners. And he shone a light on ALS. He is perfect, and his talent is incredible. Thank you Eddie.

I think, more than anything, the speeches that aren’t just a list of thank yous are typically memorable ones. Some of these even incorporated the mandated thank you’s while sharing the limelight on different issues: ALS, Equal Rights, and Suicide Prevention. (Alzheimers was also mentioned in Julianne Moore’s acceptance speech.)  All issues that deserve attention and I’m glad people speak up about it on an international stage. Loving your family was also a theme brought on by several winners. It’s a theme that often should be spotlighted because it’s the support of those people that gets you far in life. Overall, I think the Oscars had it’s cut of thank you speeches, and the ones that stood out really were above and beyond. If there are any other speeches you think deserve to spotlighted.

As always much love,


PS- Neil Patrick Harris was really great as a host. Who else, would come out on stage in nothing but tighty whiteys. And the opening musical number was incredible. Thank you.  Also, am totally on board to have Anna Kendrick host next year!

Click below for the opening number!



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