Am I Just a Memory You’ve Forgotten?

Hello World (hope you’re listening),

Browsing through Facebook, it’s no surprise you see pictures of people you’re really close to and people you haven’t spoken to in at least 5 years. Facebook is a funny thing. It allows you to follow people’s lives as if you’re watching from a window. With each milestone in their life you congratulate them, as if you were walking down the street and you quickly walked past them and said congrats! While seeing those important moments in people’s lives, it makes you think about how you know them or memories you share with that person.

There are people that for one reason or another really impact your life. Maybe they were your first love, or your old best friend or maybe even just someone who offered you a seat at lunch on your first day at a new school. Whatever the reason that person affected your life, it has left a life long imprint. With time you’ve always had a special care for them, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you still feel the same way about them.

For example, when I see pictures of my first love, it makes me smile. He is now married and has a baby, and seeing that baby makes me really happy for him. But I don’t have the same affection for him I had as a young girl. But he certainly left an imprint and I guess because of that I still have a special care for him. Even though, now that I think about it, we didn’t end in the best of terms. But that’s water under the bridge, because I chose to remember the good things.

And no matter what, every time you see a picture of that person who left an imprint on you, all those memories come rushing back and in some aspects you remember how that person made you feel. The more you remember them and the memories you shared the more it makes you think. It makes you ask yourself, what are the memories that person has of you? Did you impact their life the same way they impacted yours? How does that person remember you and how does that make them feel today? Or am I just a memory you’ve forgotten?

Sadly, sometimes the reality of things happen to be that the other party was too young and now has no memory of you. Something that has happened to me and broke my heart a little that they didn’t even remember who I was. But I guess that is life.

You are always left wondering if you should message them or not. Will they be weird about it if you do?

The truth is, regardless of what is happening in your life, every memory is precious. And thinking back to those memories allows you to take a trip down memory lane. And it reminds you of good times in your life and kind people. So I say, don’t be afraid to just drop a line. It doesn’t have to mean you go back to being friends, or anything like that, but it might brighten their day to know someone from their past is thinking about them. I know if it was with me, I’d be happy to hear from anyone who I have left on imprint upon.

That is all for today. Much love as always,



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