Women are Kickass

Hi Everyone,

Lately I’ve seen a lot of videos talking about how awesome women are, and honestly I am LOVING IT! I’ll link below some of those videos.

Recently, a lot of spotlight has been brought on to women’s equality, a cause people have been fighting for, for a very long time. I feel that ever since the Emma Watson speech on what it actually means to be a feminist came out, more people have been open to the idea of being feminists. I think the stigma of being associated with Feminism has diminished because more people now understands what it actually means and can now support it. But I am not here to talk about that iconic Feminism talk, although the link is below if you have yet to watch or would like a refresher.

This post is going to focus on why women are so awesome. Here are a few reasons to support that statement.

1. First and foremost, let’s talk about the fact that once a month we bleed. And we are still alive. Can you wrap your head around that? Blood leaves our body once a month!

2. With that, comes intense pain. Horrible, miserable pain that hurts to even be still. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it just hurts. And that’s the least that will happen. Some girls get nauseous or even faint.

3. And on top of that we deal with uncontrollable hormones. Hormones that make you cry for no reason or the smallest reason. It makes you rage like a lunatic. It makes you change moods so fast. And if you’re like me, you feel bad for having those mood swings, but in the end you have no control over it. But the worst part is men can be so insensitive about that. They either just assume every time we’re mad it’s because of PMS and not because something actually upset us. Or they get mad at us for the mood swings. Boys, please understand one thing, we have no control over how we react when hundreds of hormones are raging through our bodies making us act in ways we don’t necessarily want to be acting. All we want from you is for you to be understanding and treat us with kindness.

4. This is perhaps the biggest reason that we are so incredibly awesome: we create another human being inside our own bodies. Got that? One egg that we produce can becomes a fetus that develops into an actual human being. We are the reason humanity still exists.

5. We deal with prejudice, sexism, injustice, and unfairness almost on a daily basis. We are so strong, because even if one of those things upsets us we keep going. We get up every single day and tackle every single day. We know we are bound to face at least one of those issues if not all of them every single day. But we are fighters. We not only deal with those unfortunate events but we fight so that our daughters get better lives and more equality.

6. Women are fighters. They fight against all odds. They fight for what is right and just.

7. Even though we are fighters, we are also nurturing. If someone has a problem , I think a woman is more likely to lend a hand or an ear than a man. Nurturing is just in our nature.

8. We are faced everyday with how we should look and act from the media. It’s true that is also applies to men, but not as intensely or as often. We are bombarded with magazines, tv shows and on the internet that we are supposed to be skinny and tall and perfect. We deal with that on a daily basis, yet we are still preaching to love your own body.

9. We do get some pretty awesome perks. We can’t kid our selves. Typically at bars, we don’t have to wait in lines or get in at no charge or at a discounted rate. Which is awesome because that means we get to save money. We do get more clothes options than men. For all the travelers, as much as we want to assert our independence, sometimes it’s nice to get some help with that heavy luggage. Also we can go in groups to our typically bigger and nicer bathrooms. And I appreciate the privacy in having stalls in the bathroom, I don’t think  could pee in a urinal with someone 6 inches away from me being able to see everything. So there are a few perks here and there that make it pretty convenient to be a woman.

10. This one, I’m not going to lie, came from a friend: Emotional Capacity. Women are amazing at being able to express how they feel. (I hear all the pfftss and the boys shaking their heads, I see you.) But it’s true. When something bothers us or upsets us or makes us happy, we are capable of expressing how we really feel. Most guys are afraid to do so, or have a really hard time doing so. (Something that often creates a lot of tension between couples) Yes we can be a little crazy but at least we can talk about it. And most of the time we’re not afraid of feelings but instead embrace them.

All in all we are majestic magical beings. We are beautiful and strong. Even the girls you might think are fragile and dainty are pure strength inside. We will always fight the odds for what we believe in. And let’s be honest, for the most part we look good while kicking ass. (And I’m not referring to tight and leathery outfits. Girls are typically more graceful then men, and we’re hot!)

I hope you have enjoyed this post and learned a little something. Below are some links to videos you can watch!

Much Love Always,



Buzzfeed: Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women (Although I don’t think it should be a secret.)

Emma Watson: UN Speech He For She (She basically wins at life)

AsapThought: Coming Out Twice (they talk about being gay, but also the sexist comments that are thrown at them about “being feminine”, it goes til about 4:49)

Always: Like a Girl (an incredible ad)

AsapScience: Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody? (every man should watch this video, it’s not gross I promise. It will simply enlighten you)


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