Kindness is the Opposite of Weakness

Hello Everyone,

If you listen to the radio then I can guarantee you have heard at least once Rihanna’s new song FourFive Seconds. In the song one specific line always calls my attention because I think it’s a great line.

“All of my kindness, is taken for weakness.”

More often than not, kindness is seen as a sign of weakness and people like to take advantage of that. Let me tell you from experience on a daily basis, being kind is actually a sign of strength. Kindness means being nice and kind to others regardless of the situation. And it is especially true when the situation or other people involved are anything but nice. It takes an incredible amount of strength to not be rude in those situations. Also when you’re having a terrible day, it takes effort to be nice.

To all the people along my life who have taken my kindness and made a “doormat” out of me I say: Thank you! You showed me how strong I could be. You took the easy way out, and threw your weakness at me thinking it was strength. But I got to see what real strength is. My kindness never has been and never will be a weakness, it is my strength.

So to all of you out there who are known as nice, or kind or who do acts of kindness, please know you are strong. You are stronger than most people, because you are making the conscious decision to rise above and treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness. Don’t let people get you down if they call you weak for being nice.

For all of those who are rude, mean or bullies. Be nice! I dare you! I dare you to be nice to others, not because you should. Do it because it feels good, and it will allow others to see you are inherently a good and kind person.

We all have real kindness inside of us, use your strength for good.

Much love always,



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