12 Picture Tips for Men’s Profiles

Hello Hello,

So recently I was talking to my friend about men’s profiles on apps like Tinder and Happn and on dating profiles. One thing we both agreed on is the fact that men don’t know how to market themselves. Now, before you jump on my throat for saying ‘market’ let me explain this. Every single day, we pick the best outfit or attitude to portray ourselves. We essentially market ourselves to the world every single day. And the great thing is you can express yourself in whatever way you want, sending out whatever message you would like.  But the truth is this: if you are on a dating website or on an app to meet girls, you need to show off yourself in the best way possible. Most men have no idea how to pick the best pictures to represent themselves, so I devised a few tips to help! Now, you may read this and agree, disagree, use it or not, either way I just wanted to offer this in case you did need a little guidance.

1. Include solo pictures, but not super close ups.

Listen we love to see you have friends. But we don’t like playing guessing games. If we can’t figure out which one you are in your group photos we just will say no. We need clear solo pictures of you. We want to see your pretty face, but not to the point we can see your pores. Pick good individual pictures to show you off.

2. Fashion sense is important.

My friend sent me a picture of a guy that was clearly from the early 2000s simply from his attire. Women are attracted to a men who know how to dress themselves. Therefore fashion is important because it makes us think you got your stuff together. Whatever your style is, dress appropriately.

3. Don’t flex so much. 

Look, we get it, you go to the gym and you’re ripped. Trust me when I say, we can see your biceps in that short sleeve shirt. You don’t need to put it all on display. Let us find out about your six pack after we start dating. Leave some mystery. It’s good to know you are active, but honestly we can already tell from your physique. (Don’t forget every woman is basically the best detective out there, being so obvious offends us.)

4. Girls in pictures hinders more than helps.

Unless the woman in your photo is your mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt, sister or another family member don’t put them up. I know it’s shallow and you may think you look cool being surrounded by girls, but the truth is you don’t . It makes you look like a player and a d-bag. Girls with little clothes, makes us actually think less of you and therefore like you less. Even if both your goal and the girl’s goal is a one night stand, we still want to feel special. Just avoid girls in pictures. (This may not necessarily reflect your real life, you may have tons of really good girl friends that we may end up loving but give us a chance to meet them in person first and not through your pictures.)

5. Too much partying = no love for you

We like to know a guy has fun and knows how to party. But if every single picture you post is of you partying and drinking, that tells us you’re irresponsible and you don’t care about anything else other than partying. And sorry to tell you, we stay away from that.

6. Headless torso pictures sends one clear message.

We’ve all see the headless torso pictures, and no I’m not referring to a mythological creature. From those kind of pictures we understand you are only interested in one sole purpose. And if you don’t care and that’s exactly what you want, by all means ignore this one.

7. Include interests.

When we see these pictures we want to understand a little more about you to see if we’re a match beyond superficial. Give us pictures of things you like to do. Share with us some of your interests. We want to know you’re a dynamic person.

8. Pets are always a heart melter.

By now you should know most girls love pets especially if they’re small or young. if you have a dog, cat, turtle, rabbit, sloth, or whatever as a pet show us! Dogs or cats are guaranteed to melt our hearts! It shows us you can care for another living creature, and honestly that’s sexy.

9. Children are cute but clarify who the child belongs to. 

Look, most of us love children. Seeing a man with a kid is incredibly adorable and it makes us smile from ear to ear. But, please, clarify who the child belongs to. If it’s yours great let us know. If it’s your niece/nephew or godchild let us know. We just want to know what we could be getting ourselves into.

10. TBTs are cute if we’re dating.

Putting a baby picture is fine. It show us you were adorable once and you own it. For the most part one baby picture is fine and it doesn’t bother me much. Now, awkward middle school or from 4 years ago that’s a different story. Of course we would love to see them, when we actually know you.

11. Don’t be a show off.

Remember that kid in class that would brag about his new toy. Not many people liked him or the bragging. That’s still true today. It’s great that you have all these material things, but showing them off in ever single picture makes you materialistic and shallow. If we like you for you, the material things will be a bonus.

12. Give us conversation starter.

If you want the woman to make a move or don’t mind a more aggressive woman than give us something to strike up a conversation. Just give us something to work with. Trust me conversation will be able to flow more naturally if we have interesting things to comment on or talk about.

So these are just a few tips me and my friend came up with. If you know of any others let me know! On top of the pictures, it’s always great to have a good bio included. We just want to learn more about you. Give us material to work with and then we can decide if we’re a match. Obviously this is all from my point of view, and guys also judge us and make a decision on whether or not we’re a good match for them. But typically girls give a lot more to work with.

Anyways have a wonderful day!!

Much love always,



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