A Letter to a Funny Man

Dear Funny Man,

This letter might seem odd, but it reads only the truth. I first saw you while I stood in line waiting to get myself a drink. I looked in your direction and instantly thought you were attractive. My overprotective brain, however, immediately dismissed you for your height. (Which by the way I am totally okay with!) Little did I know I was walking into your show. Your lines and routines made me laugh. The music played in the breaks and you began dancing.  I was hooked. You danced like no one else was in the room and you were having the time of your life. I wanted to join your little world and dance carelessly with you. It was then that I realized I was smitten by you. At some point in the show, you happened to look in my direction. I believe we made eye contact because the electricity I felt within me was real. And that could have only happened if our eyes had truly met. I couldn’t stop gushing over how cute you were to the girls. Much too soon the show was over. But much to my delight you announced you’d be outside mingling. I thought this was my chance to meet you in person. And I was not disappointed. My girls brought you over to me and we said our first official hellos. Butterflies took over my insides as I felt as giddy as a little girl. I looked you straight in the eyes and saw not only a beautiful man, but a beautiful soul. I clung to every word you uttered and laughed at every joke. I found myself wishing the rest of the room would disappear and we could have a proper chat. I also got a little jealous when other girls were yelling that their friend found you attractive too. The saddest part of the night was having to leave. I hope we meet again Funny Man. And I hope this time we get to really talk. I’m intrigued by your humor, and by the little of your life you did share. I will patiently wait and hope that life will bring us together once more. Until then, take care Funny Man.

With much intrigue,

Lover Girl


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