This Body Shaming Needs to STOP

Hello Hello,

Last week I saw a lot of articles on one specific topic that really bothered me and I feel the need to address it. Body shaming. We live in a society that thinks it’s okay to tell girls what they can or can’t wear. Meanwhile, boys get no such regulation. It is now prom season and we’re seeing all over the country girls being turned away for the most outrageous things.

On one case a girl got turned away for showing her shoulders. You read that right. HER SHOULDERS!  What is so sexy about shoulders? We all have them, and the last time I checked men and women’s shoulders look pretty much the same. On another instance a girl’s back was showing through a key hole back. Guys, this means there is a hole in the back of the dress that shows a small part of the middle of the back. Again, boys have that too and no one is stopping them from showing it. And another case was simply because she was plus size and showed a little bit of cleavage.

Now listen, I do agree that girls should not be attending a school function with what looks like a bikini strung together by a tiny piece of cloth. But I believe that because I think girls should look classy on an important night. They should look and feel as glamorous as if they were walking the red carpet. But schools seem to think that a little skin is automatically a reason to shut them out from their own proms.

Sadly, it doesn’t just stop at proms, it applies to school too. Again, I agree there should be some set of rules. For example, for boys it’s no hats, and no clothing that represents gangs. See the theme there, preventing a violence association and hats indoors can be seen as disrespectful. Now the girl’s list of requirements happens to be ten times as long. No girl should be wearing booty shorts and a bra to school, mostly out of respect to themselves. But at the same time, who are we to shut down that person’s fashion identity. And while the guy’s requirement reasoning is violence prevention, the girl’s requirement reasoning seems to be to not distract boys. And that reason infuriates me. Women were not put on Earth to serve men and be the object of their sexual desires, we are human beings too with our own lives. Yes we need one another to procreate and we are attracted to each other (or maybe not), but what women wear should not be judged by the “sexualization” factor.  The fact that our clothing is too distracting for boys at school and therefore we are told to change is absurd. How about instead of making girls change their clothes, we change boys’ minds? How about we teach boys from a young age that girls are not their servants and don’t wear their clothes for them? I know you’ve probably read this a million times, but I honestly can’t stress it enough. The problem is not with girls, but with boys. And to be honest, sometimes it’s not even the boys fault but society and the older generation’s fault.

To prove this point, I read an article that not only made me sick to my stomach but it made me so very mad. A little girl wore a beautiful rainbow dress to pre-school. She was told to put a t-shirt over her dress and jeans under. Mind you, the dress was a maxi dress with spaghetti straps. She is 5. FIVE. 5 YEARS OLD. That is an age where boys and girls physically look almost identical. And to be quite honest, that’s still a phase where boys think girls have cooties. Why are we teaching young girls, as young as 5, that it’s not okay to show your shoulders or wear a dress? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! I can’t stress enough that this girl is 5 YEARS OLD! And honestly, it doesn’t matter if the girl is 5, 15 or 50 we shouldn’t be dressed according to what men find sexy or not. That’s absolutely outrageous.

So school administrators and boys, I have one thing to say to you: what we wear is for us, it’s what makes us feel good about ourselves and expresses who truly are. I urge every girl to stand up for herself. I urge parents to stand up for your kids. Because in this day and age, we should not still have to worry about body shaming women. The media does that plenty with all the technology available. The last thing we need is schools body shaming girls and making them feel less than what they are, beautiful.

Much love always,



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