Caitlyn Jenner is Also Just a Fellow Human Being

Hello Hello,

So I sat here debating for a while whether to say anything about the whole Caitlyn Jenner situation. I don’t have much to say, because I’ve never been in her shoes. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in the body I was born in and I’m extremely grateful for that. But I can say a few things on how people are reacting to her change.

Bottom line is this, she wasn’t happy with who she was. I’ve read articles calling it disgusting and not natural and that women should be offended that Caitlyn calls herself a woman. And I’m in awe that in the society we live in today, we can’t be more accepting. First off it was a man who said us women should feel offended. Let me enlighten him a little, being a woman is not based on your physical attributes, it goes deeper then the skin. While yes having certain body parts does qualify you as being female, being a woman is really about how you feel inside. And I’m not referring to feminine attributes, because I believe men can have those as well. But really it comes down to how you see yourself in your own eyes.

Secondly I’ve seen women criticize the attire she chose to make her debut in. And to that I say, it has nothing to do with sexualizing women but instead it’s just a stylistic preference. Some women like the pin up looks, while others like to keep everything covered, we shouldn’t criticize women on what they prefer to wear. So why are we criticizing Caitlyn’s choice?

And thirdly, there has been immense contradictions on Caitlyn’s status. I don’t think she wants to be seen as a hero or anything grand like that. She just happened to already live in the public’s eye and wanted to share her true self, who happens to be another gender. And I think, if she happens to be a role model to those not comfortable in their own skin or any transgender person out there, great! I don’t think she’s a hero or an angel, I think she’s human and making her own choices. That choice happened to be a sex change.

So I say let’s not blow this up more than it should be, but let’s give it the respect it deserves. The respect of making your own choices. The respect of being human.

So like I said I don’t know much on the topic of transgender, but I do know a little something on the topic of being a good human being. So let’s respect a fellow human being’s choices. And let’s try to live our lives a little kinder and with a little less criticism.

Much love always,



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