The Things We Own



In our lives when we see something we like we buy it (for the most part). But have you ever thought that that item might reflect who you were at that time. The strangest thing happened to me the other day. I saw two items I had bought in the same city but at two different times in my life and began to compare them.

You see the picture above,  Well I bought those masks in New Orleans. The first time around I couldn’t wait to buy myself a mask. And the second time I knew I wanted to add to my collection. What ended up happening, was I got two entirely different types of masks.

The blue and gold one I bought when I was in high school. It is so beautiful and in it I see a young and sweet naivety. It reflects a simplistic beauty. And also it is very bright and lively. It reflects the kind of person i was back then. A girl who knew enough about the world to know it was beautiful and happy. A girl who as much as she would never admit it, had a certain naive nature. But yet she was strong and bold. She knew how she wanted to represent herself. She didn’t pick the mask with feathers, or with anything else that stuck out of it. She kept things within the limits, yet with a simple beauty to it. She believed in the magical nature of life. It is a mystical and beautiful mask. And it represented well the person I was as a young high school teenager.

The other I bought a few months ago when I went with my cousin. To me it’s even more beautiful. Its mature, sophisticated with a hint of darkness and mysteriousness. It is intricate with a magical feel for the girl that despite everything still believes in the magic of the world, love. I think it reflects me now. A mature young woman, who still finds beauty in life. Who knows that life is in the details. It has been tainted with a hint of darkness because she now knows the world isn’t made of only unicorns and happiness but instead that there is destruction and darkness in the world. Yet, she strives to be beautiful. The boldness still shows that she wants to stand out, but she prefers to do it in a sophisticated and demure way. The metallic color represents how she is still strong and unyielding on her principles. Even the shapes in the mask, shows a different style of beauty. This mask represents me and who I am.

I think both masks are beautiful, but in the place I am at in my life the one I most recently bought is a bit more beautiful than the other. This representation in what we own can be showcased in anything you own: artifacts, clothes, shoes, purses, even your throw pillows on your couch. Buying different things at different times in our lives are a great way to have tangible objects that we can later reflect upon and remember a certain period of our lives. The objects tell the story, and that’s truly a beautiful thing.

As always much love,



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