I Have Only Changed in Your Eyes

Hello Everyone,

So most recently the people around me have learned a new simple fact about me and somehow that has changed their perception of me. I write a lot about crushes on here, but never do I change myself for them. But my friends seem to think differently.

After they have learned that I have a crush, they have been making certain comments that actually just make me laugh. Some comment that I started wearing more make up. Others have said that I’ve been dressing better and asked if I’d been shopping lately. And some even think I am dressing more sexy.

Here’s the funny part about it all, I have changed absolutely nothing about myself. I still get up at the same time. The clothes I wear I have owned for a while and have worn it before. My makeup routine has stayed exactly the same, nothing new. And I have no idea where the sexy bit came from, because I really don’t consider myself as someone who dresses sexy.

I just wanted to write about how funny it is, that sometimes one simple fact changes how people perceive you. Even though I kept everything exactly the same, one small fact made everyone start to see me differently. That just goes to show, that ultimately you shouldn’t care what others think because they will think whatever they want to. So live a carefree life and be happy with yourself. Life is a wonderful big place full of adventure, don’t waste time trying to fit this image you want people to have of you. Because more than likely they see what they want, whether it’s the truth or not.

As always much love,



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