I’m Not Going Out Like That

Here’s the truth ladies and gents, sorry to break it to you but you never really leave “high school.” In reality, it just takes different forms. Whether that’s college, work, friends or really anywhere. For a time you may even be tricked into thinking that people matured and that pettiness and gossip were left behind. But, the truth is some people take longer or never really mature at all.

But you can! You can rise above the pettiness and drama and gossip and be a strong, intelligent and overall good person. We can always work on ourselves and improve something about us. Whether that’s how you perceive someone, or how you react to situations, whatever it may be you can always work a little more today to be better than yesterday. I know that is something I work at every day. To be less judgmental about people’s choices, to not put people into labels and to stand up for what is right. These are just some of the things I work at every day to make myself a better person.

So when the day comes where you feel like you’re back in high school, you can smile and know that you won’t fall to their level but instead treat them well because that’s what good strong people do. In the face of adversity you can always rise above and be kind to others and teach them through example. Kindness is the strongest form of punishment, because you are showing them what they are lacking and that is a powerful thing. So make sure to always spread love. There’s a reason TV Shows, fairy tales and stories always make love such a powerful thing and there is no shortcut to love. (But that’s a post for another time)

Much love as always,



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