Post- First Date Stages

Hello Hello,

I think everyone reading this post is either going through many firsts, has experienced some firsts or is living vicariously through some firsts. Either way, you will be able to relate to this post in some capacity, and if not just lay back and laugh.

First dates can be incredibly exciting. Good first dates are even better. So people always talk about the dates themselves, but no one dares talk about the Post- First Date experience. Now, of course I write this from observing a friend and not from personal experience. 😀

So I thought it would be fun to write a blog post on the different stages one goes through after the first date. Here we go!

  1. Bliss: Your date just ended. Things went amazingly well. You keep replaying the date in your head. How could it have possibly gone any better? You are on cloud 9. You smile from ear to ear. Everything is perfect in this moment.
  2. Calm Before the Storm: Everything is still good. You are happy, but not dopey happy.  You are just chill.
  3. Crazy Storm: WHY HASN’T HE TEXTED ME?? Omg, what if he has a girlfriend and I’m just a booty call? Ugh, what is going on with me? Just one text! That’s all I need. It’s been 2 hours, that’s long enough for a text. JUST TEXT ME DAMN IT! He must not like me! I should text him! No I shouldn’t! I should! No!
  4. Self Doubt: What’s wrong with me? Am I not good enough? Am I not smart enough? Ugh, I really shouldn’t have said that one thing. Why am I so stupid sometimes?
  5. Screw Him: Screw him! I am good enough! I am amazing! I am beautiful! I don’t need his stupid self. If he can’t realize how good and awesome I am, then he definitely doesn’t deserve me.
  6. Soft Anger: Ugh, why can’t he just text me? Pretty pleasee….
  7. Indifference: Fine, don’t text me. Whatever, I don’t care.

Then finally that text message arrives, and suddenly every emotion you just went through seems silly and over the top. A smile creeps on your face. Every friend you just ranted to, is now rolling their eyes because they are so used to your shenanigans. But the next day you go through everything all over again. It’s a never ending cycle until you get to the second & third dates, when you get a little more clarity as to where you stand. Ah to be young, and slightly unstable.

I hope you all handle yourselves better than my “friend” does. Anyone else go through the same things? If so, let me know and you and my “friend” can bond. If not, please send some advice so this craziness can stop. Or maybe, she’s just destined to live her love life in chaos and in this roller coaster of emotion. I guess at the end of the day, it does make life more entertaining. I mean, it definitely is entertaining for others who get to laugh at her ridiculousness. Either way, everyone deals with things differently, but I hope this made you laugh. And if you do this too, laugh at yourself because let’s be honest, it is a bit crazy and that’s okay!

Much love always,



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