Dreams Do Come True!

Hello Hello,

Dreams. What are dreams? The dreams we’re talking about today are those things you would like to do in your life and you work hard for them to become a reality. Some people have more realistic ones like a dream job or traveling to a specific place. If you’re anything like me, one of your dreams is probably to become a student at Hogwarts School of Magic. Still waiting on that letter McGonagall….

But today I am here to talk about a few dreams that will start coming true tonight. For more than 10 years, I have been in love with everything and anything British and have been dreaming about the day I would get to go to London. Well, tonight will be the night, because I will be departing on a flight to LONDON! Guys, I’m going to London!!!! To most people they will be like, “oh that’s really cool.” But I don’t think anyone, except maybe a few of my friends who are as obsessed as me, will understand what a huge deal this is for me. While in LONDON (I will never get tired of saying that), I will get the closest I will ever be to going to Hogwarts, as we have our Harry Potter themed day! And that’s just one of the days we have planned.

Another dream I’ve always had is go on an Euro trip with a best friend, a road trip, and to go on a trip with my bestie Liz. On this trip I will get ALL THREE! And it will be beyond epic. Karaoke sessions in the car, driving through beautiful country sides, reflective moments of silence, making new friends, and cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Those are all things I fully expect from this trip. And knowing us, these will all definitely happen!

So here’s to two weeks of nothing but fun, of laughs til we cry and of memories captured both on camera and in our minds. Here’s to a trip of a lifetime and a meticulously calculated schedule that no one understands but us. Here’s to two best friends taking on Iceland, England, and Ireland. Here’s to leaving our mark on this beautiful world simply by being us and living our lives full of joy, experiences and dancing. Liz, here’s to us and our amazing adventure!

Much love always,


PS- If you would like to follow our adventures you will be able to do so! Another dream becoming a reality: blogging this whole trip! So, hopefully, every day I will be posting on here a blog post about our day and some of the adventures we get up to. You can also find our adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #crumpnhags (oh there’s a story behind this one).


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