I Got This Sir!

Hello Hello,

This is where our story starts. It starts with a very impatient flight attendant who just didn’t want us to forget to move into the aisle. After being told this a few times, a sassy Liz finally responded with a “I got this sir!” You know right there this trip is off to a brilliant start. Most of the flight was spent tossing and turning trying to get some sleep, with not much luck. The lack of sleep only added to our giddyness making us laugh hysterically at jokes only we would understand.

Once we finally arrived in Iceland we were tired but thrilled about our day ahead. It was a very cold morning, and with my poor planning I did not have a heavy coat. I attributed it more to denial of not wanting to actually bring a winter coat. After picking up our car we headed off for Reykjavik. We had no idea it was even possible to hit this much traffic in Iceland but we got the morning rush hour. We were now an hour behind on our whole schedule, but that didn’t stop us from looking for a cute place for breakfast. And boy did we find a cute little place. The name is Gray Cat and it’s a small cafe with maybe 6 tables very adorably decorated. While there we made friends. Our goal this trip is to talk to as many different new people as possible. Today was the start. We met James and Amy, two americans traveling individually who were now on the end of their trips. We chatted about our trips and gathered some reccomendations of either something to eat or drink in Iceland. I will say this place had the best bacon I have ever had the pleasure of eating. It was amazing.

After breakfast, we walked to the church and also taking in how adorable this city was. And to prove how awesome this city is, the entrance to the church was based on an honor system that you were actually going to pay. After taking in the beautiful scenes from the top of the church we head back down to the main street to get back to the car. Liz went on to get a rye bread ice cream , per Amy’s reccomendation, while i went to a small convenience store. This was possibly one of my favorite parts of my day. Walking into a store that you don’t speak the language of, and asking them to share with you what they think is the candy & chocolate that best represents their culture was awesome. There is nothing like reccomendations from locals.

We then headed to the Blue Lagoon only to have the wrong address, which then led to me stumbling, literally I tripped, into a pizza place to ask directions to quite possibly the sassiest pizza man I have ever met. Look, sir, I am fully aware my destination is the most touristy location here but I just wanted some directions! But he was incredibly helpful, sass and all. Even though at this point we were an hour and a half late from our appointment , they were incredibly accomodating and helpded us out. I attribute it to our awesome lady who happened to share names with me. Once we were all changed we stepped out onto the cold air only to be greated by a beautiful site. The steam was strong and the water was hot. Of course, we immediately take care of business and grab our free drinks. Liz grabs a slushie purely based on the fact the brand name was Krap. Me, being the classy lady that I am, went for Fresita a strawberry bubbly wine. It was delicious! The Blue Lagoon is quite possibly the only place you can look ridiculous with a silica mask on out in public and be okay with it, because everyone else is doing it too.

Then came a lovely lunch where Liz and I strolled in, in our super fabulous bath robes. It was a fancy place and there we were in robes and cheering our complimentary champagne glass, it was fantastic. The food was delicious. We then really wanted 5 more minutes in the water, so we ran back and sat in silence for 5 minutes simply soaking everything in.

Then that’s when my limits got tested. In the bathrooms women didn’t care that they were all completely naked. I had to face my fear of being naked in public because even the iced glasses dividers and doors were see through. But it made me appreciate how open some cultures really are.

Once arriving at the airport we found our gate and immediately went to find Boli, a beer reccomendation per Amy. After sharing one, our sleep depravation now mixed with relaxation & alcohol took us to new heights of laughter. Everything was absolutely hysterical. But it is no surprise within 5 minutes of sitting on the plane we were both out cold. Only to wake up an hour later completely disoriented.

It was then the excitement that we’d soon be in London hit! I was making my dreams come true with one of my best friends. No sooner could I imagine, we were now in London! After taking the Underground, we got to our adorable hostel. We went scoungering for food at midnight only to find an awesome kebab place. So there we sat in the cafeteria of our hostel, while some German boys played pool while we ate and let it sink in the reality of our lives.

And as I sit on this tiny bunk bed looking at Liz I know this has been a wild 36 hours but this trip is just starting! And it’s only getting better from here!

With Love From London,



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