The Real Hard Truth About Social Media

Hello Everyone,

As you guys know I love to write as a reaction to something, and that’s exactly what today’s post is about. I saw an article about this girl exposing the harsh truth about social media. While I don’t have nearly as many followers as she does, and I do understand some of her points, most of it simply came off as being extremely whiny.

Some of the points she references is how we use social media to feel liked, and how the numbers on it mean nothing. And shes asks someone to please make a social media platform that doesn’t involve likes, follows, etc. Well a bit of newsflash, that doesn’t exist and will likely never exist. Social media platforms are created for people to connect, and the success rates of those websites are measured with numbers. Also, most things in life are measured by a number. How successful of a business you are, how much money you make classifies your status in society, and many many more.

By now, I can hear some of you saying, but not everything in life should be measured by numbers. And you are absolutely right. Happiness cannot be measured by a number. Dreams can’t be deemed successful by a statistic. For those things there is no validation from an outside party. The only person who can say if you’ve been successful is you. Which is where this girl needs a reality check.

I understand how hard it is to grow up in a society where you constantly feel judged. ( I mean come on, nothing is more stressful than picking your top 8 on MySpace. And God forbid you don’t make your bestie’s top 8. Now THAT’S stress.) Where the number of likes dictates how much people actually like you. Where how many followers you have deems you popular or not. But what this young generation needs to understand is that, yes those numbers mean absolutely NOTHING. Because all of those things come from inside. So instead of asking for someone to create a platform where those things don’t exist, take a close look at yourself. You should feel proud of yourself. You should like yourself. And you should be okay with who you are as a person. Because you will never stop being judged. Unfortunately, it never stops. So, you need to know to not let those things affect you.

On the other hand, if you are putting yourself out there to the world, those numbers do mean something. To some people you may seem like a role model or an example. That is not something to take lightly. And I’m sure to any follower that respected you, hearing you saying that those numbers meant nothing, makes you look a bit ungrateful. It’s a hard line to balance, but it is one you need to understand before you commit to being a social media icon.

About half way through the video, she finally has a breakthrough. Something people have been saying for years. Something I have actually written about before. Disconnecting from social media. But what I think is important is to find a balance for your every day life. Social media can be as great as it can be detrimental. The real truth about it all, is that you control the hold it has over you. You have the power to dictate how it affects your life, don’t let social media tell you how to live.

For example, I use my Facebook and Instagram to share pictures and messages about my life. I use this blog to spread messages of positivity to others. I use Pinterest to be creative and plan. I manage how these websites affect my life, not the other way around.

And as I watched a little more she finally started to understand that social media’s real purpose. It’s not made for approval of others, that’s what society has turned it into. The name itself tells you what it was created for. It was made to start conversations. It was made to connect people. It was made for people to share what’s important to them. So young generation, listen up. Learn what social media is really about, and start using it as such.

Also, it is important to note that she removed herself from social medias, yet created a website and will be making videos three times a week. Then she offers to promote videos of people with important messages. Thus, contradicting her point in the first place. Sorry girl, but social media is a numbers game. Just don’t let it destroy who you are. Although, this post may be a bit critical of her, I am glad she finally broke free of the hold social media had on her and that is on to do bigger things. I do hope people hear her message of freedom from social media, a message several have been trying to preach, and follow it.

So while I agree that you should spread the message of people disconnecting from social media, remember it’s not all bad. It’s what you make of it.

Much Love Always,



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