Dearest Car,

Wow, what a run we’ve had. From impromptu trips to Detroit and Indianapolis to see One Direction, to late night dance parties, to moves, to cross country driving, to several other adventures. We have made some unforgettable memories. I’ve grown accustomed to your ways and the way you’ve always protected me and carried me. You’ve seen my dances at stoplights, you’ve heard my screams of excitement, and you’ve even been there when I just couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

Most people talk about their attachment with their cars, and I never understood it. I never got it, until I had to let you go. You’re not a person, you’re just a material item. And I mostly don’t grow attached to material things because I’ve learned not to. And of course the important thing is the people in your life and the memories you make. But that’s just it, we’ve made some pretty great memories. You were a safe space for me to be daring and we were a great team. I’m sorry I have to let you go.

But as I was talking to my friend I realized the underlying reason why this was going to be so difficult. Of course the memories are really important, but it’s one memory in particular making this all much more difficult. You belonged to my brother. At first, I loathed you. How dare my brother get a car before me. As the eldest that is one of the few things I was supposed to get first. True, it was mostly due to my own choice not to get a car until after I graduated college but still that stung. Then I borrowed you for a while. Once he passed, you officially became mine. And now, I have to let you go. It’s hard to own something that belonged to someone you love and lost. Because in some ways, I always felt like he was around in the car watching over me, protecting me. While I know he will always be there, having something that belonged to him, made that feeling stronger. Which makes leaving it that much harder.

But as with all things in life, I will get past this. I know my brother’s spirit isn’t going anywhere and that he will always be watching over us. So I’m sorry little bro that I have to let go of your car, but I’m sure you’ll understand.

Much love always,



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