Eldest Child, Be Selfish!

Hello Hello,

Hopefully the title of this post made you curious enough to click on it. Now, you might be thinking I’m a bad person for telling others to be selfish, instead of telling them to be more giving. But hear me out.

As a child/teen you are required to listen to your parents, your teachers and any other adult. You are taught to be kind, giving, and caring. All really great qualities to make you the best human being possible. If you are the oldest child, you are also taught responsibility and caring for others. So typically from a young age you are already responsible for another human being. While growing up you also realize your parents need to be cared for too. So you take it upon yourself to help them however you can.

When you find the right person you are now tending to their needs and to their wants. And soon enough you get married and have children. Raising children means you become the most selfless person you can be, because you do everything for you kids. It is true I have no experience, but what I do have is an example. You put your kids first no matter what. Then comes your partner. And you somehow come in last.

So here is my suggestion: be selfish in your 20s! Let yourself do whatever your heart desires. Travel, take a class, go to that party, visit that museum, whatever it is that you want to do, do it. You may feel a little guilty and bad for being selfish after spending your whole life being taught to be giving, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be a little selfish. This is the only time that all the money you make can be used for yourself only. It is the only time you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You have no commitments, hopefully no serious problem just yet, and probably when your health is best.

I’m just here to tell you it’s okay to be selfish for a decade of your life, when you’ll spend at least the other six decades being selfless. Take this time to be with yourself and to do whatever your little heart desires.

Much love always,



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