America Land of the Free?


Okay, today’s post is going to be a bit more serious because I’ve been seeing things on the news that quite frankly are pissing me off.

If you ask any American where they’re from they will most likely say something like Irish, English, French, Italian, etc. More often than not they will state their heritage and not the state which they’re from. That always boggled my mind. Because when you ask me where I’m from, I’ll tell you where I was born, Brazil, or where I live, Boston. But for some reason, unknown to me, Americans rarely say America or the state from which they are from.

But now, we are facing a huge issue where we are forgetting to recognize something very important. Hundreds of years ago, people from all over Europe, and the world really, wanted to go to a place where they could be free from any kind of persecution and they all landed here. America was founded on immigrants. People came together from all over the world, took a land that was inhabited by the Native Americans and started their own country. None of the founding fathers were born in America, they were all immigrants.

Most came to America to find refuge from religious and political persecution. Since then, America has always been associated with freedom and a better life. Except it seems that in the last few years that’s exactly what we haven’t been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that as an immigrant myself I get to call this land home. And that they accepted me with open arms. But so many can’t say the same.

But even more importantly, the world truly needs us now more than ever and our political leaders refuse to see it. There are countries in the middle east truly suffering from terrorist attacks, and those people have been fleeing to save their families and their own lives. They have found refuge all over Europe. European countries have opened their arms to those people, offered them a home and a better life without a second thought. Why can’t we?

Why are we trying to get a “religious test” to approve who gets in? I say it again, weren’t we founded on freedom, from any kind of persecution? And if I’m not mistaken that covers religious persecution, something they’re all facing and we are trying to impose. Why are people refusing to give others what their ancestors received first?

Let’s stand with Obama and show the other political leaders that we won’t accept this. Let’s remind them what it truly means to be an American. Let’s open our arms and homes to the Syrian refugees and other refugees that need our help. I know there logistics to figure out and, as always, money issues to be considered, but don’t let that prevent us from saving lives. There are innocent children caught in the middle this as much as the adults just trying to live. Let our voices be heard and let our home become a safe house for them. Let’s remind the world that we are known as the land of the free for a reason

Much love always,




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